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Visual snow/static vision
dgr921 posted:
Has anyone ever heard of a condition often referred to as visual snow? I've been experiencing it for years now and it hasn't yet ceased to be any less disturbing than days before. My sight is fine, I'm not near-sighted or far-sighted and have never needed glasses but covering my entire field of vision is what looks like tiny, clear particles of something constantly dancing around the objects in my field of vision. It resembles a television screen stuck on static but not as dense. Accompanying this phenomenon are tiny flashes of moving light (starbursts), floaters, persistent light images and occasional double vision as well as anxiety problems. This condition is constant and has been for the last four or five years. Everyday tasks that used to be a cinch are now difficult. It is hard for me to even read since concentrating on one particular part of my field of vision is challenging. I've done my own research and there is not much professional literature on the subject but I have found out that plenty of other people suffer from the condition. More on the subject at Any feedback is helpful, thank you.
tonysan837 responded:
You might not check this website anymore, but I found this visual snow resource to be more than helpful!
undefined responded:
I know this is a 2 year old post. But you literally just described the exact issues I have been having for the past 5 years. I am only 23 and don't have perfect vision just nearsighted a bit. But no doctor of any type has any idea what to make of my issues. But I too have a covering on my field of vision that are tiny clear particles and dancing lights that seem to pop and move. And, also in addition, I have huge floaters that sit right in my line of vision and well as the occasional halos around things that generally have lighter backgrounds. I am a college student and simply reading a textbook or even looking at my phone screen are becoming increasingly difficult. I know this is a longshot but if you see this or anyone has any information regarding what this condition could be or how to solve I would be so eternally grateful. These issues cause me constant anxiety and make me act like a different person because it is so difficult to partake in the everyday activities I should be able to. So, please anyone with any information please let me know.
undefined replied to 33510452's response:
The things you are experiencing are an amplified perception of your own physiology.
The brain normally filters out this information and leaves most people blissfully unaware of things like their own vitreous floaters, but once you begin to notice it is hard to not notice them once again.
I have never seen any other way, and if it helps reduce your anxiety any, I have remained in excellent health with this condition for 46 years now.

There are discussion forums of others who see this way but not many answers.

The halos around lights is caused by an higher order aberration of the eye and can be detected when being screened for lasik eye surgery but will not show up on a standard eye exam.
These aberrations are correctable if the halos are bothersome.

Historically several people have claimed to see similarly; Tesla, Van Gogh, Krishna... etc., but you have to do some digging to find records of this.

In India this condition is known as a Kundalini awakening or crisis, and centers around the pineal gland.
All human beings have a literal third eyeball in the center of their brains which is light sensitive and controls circadian rhythms even in profoundly blind individuals.
There is the possibility that those of us seeing static are actually cognizant of this third eyeballs' perception.

Hope this helps.
Best of luck.

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