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Moving black spots in peripheral vision. NOT floaters.
JFsebastian posted:
Curious if anyone else has a clue what this is.

During a relatively nasty but apparently harmless bout with my heart throwing tons of PVCs and PACs, I started to experience these 1/2 second duration of a black spot appearing in the bottom left of my left eye and flying upwards. This is NOT a floater and is similar in look to when you press your eye on one side and see the dot on the other.

Seems to happen only in the mornings and maybe once during the day at first. Rarely my right eye will experience it too but instead of moving up, it moves down at the same time the left eye moves up. Both are on the outside of the eye.

It comes and goes too - happening maybe 5 times during a week, then nothing for weeks, and now it's happening again on my left eye but this time the black spot was dark reddish and flew from bottom center edge back to left corner.

No other symptoms when it happens. No dizziness, no nothing.

I'm 47, do aerobics every other day, work out, never issues when I do that or spots. Just usually at rest and well, wondering if this is just aging typical stuff or ??
JFsebastian responded:
I should add that initially, with this bout of PAC/PVC heart murmurs, I got so distressed from them that I lost 13 pounds in like 2 weeks going from 165 to 152. I've read that sudden weight loss can cause these spots but since then I've regained around 5 pounds and have been working out a lot more... those aerobics and workouts started on the advice of my cardiologist (since PAC/PVCs usually get better with working out) and so I've begun to rebuild more muscle now...

However, not sure if those spots are still residual effects of the weight loss, etc...

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