Is there a cure for optic nerve damage caused by a stroke?
segwheeler posted:
While having carotid artery surgery, I suffered a stroke. While it was mild, and I have regained almost all use of my right hand and arm, I am still having trouble with my sight. It has improved, but now my eye doctor has ordered a Neuro Diagnostic . I was wondering if they find some damage, is there a treatment or cure? Would it involve surgery? Is there a chance it could cause more damage? My doctor is very "tight lipped" and doesn't seem to have time to answer any questions. While I don't mind having the test, I really don't have the extra money and if there is no cure and I just have to live with this, I don't see any point in having the test. I would really appreciate it if someone could please advise and fill me in a little. Thanks for any help.