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What happened?
SrhFricke1134 posted:
Hello and I apologize if this isn't the right place for me to post this... I'm quite confused where to post it. My boyfriend had an episode the other day that was scary. We were standing there in the kitchen making supper when he all the sudden got very dizzy and basically started blacking out except he kept blacked out. He told me he couldn't see anything and he couldn't stand. I was holding him up he was looking directly at the light and couldn't see a thing. His pupils were huge. He was sweating like crazy and was very warm. After what felt like atleast 5-10 mins he finally started getting his vision back. He finally sat down and drank some water and eventually went back to normal. He hasn't had any problems since. He's said this happened to him probably 5-10 years ago. We had been eating plenty of sweets earlier in the day. I'm wondering if this has to do with blood sugar? Or maybe some type of seizure as he did have them as a kid. He HATES drs and wont go anywhere near them. I'm sure I can talk him into it though. I'm VERY worried as his dad passed away at 50 and he is turning 25 this year. I'm really thinking it was all the sweets and we should watch his diet. But i've never heard of this happening and it scares me. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
JeffDaddy; responded:
It sounds like your boyfriend needs to see a doctor. I've eaten a lot of sweets before, but it's never caused me to go blind and not be able to stand. Maybe you can do a library search for some case studies that describe these symptoms.

In the big picture of things, neither you, me or he knows what happened to him. Except that we can all probably agree that it doesn't sound normal for a 25 year old healthy person.

Let's assume for a moment you're right and it's something to do with blood sugar - if that's the case, then it seems rational that he'd want a doctor to help him control this condition.

On the other hand, let's go to the other extreme and assume that he had a TIA or "mini stroke". For me, the TIA was followed by a major stroke about 24 hours later. I share his dislike of doctors, waiting rooms, etc., but all I can tell you and your boyfriend is: Don't be as stupid as I was, go see a doctor now. I was lucky, I had a stroke around people who knew what to do.

Show your boyfriend the Stoke Awareness Foundation site . Here are the warning signs of stroke and the advice:

WALK (Is your balance off?)
TALK (Is your speech slurred or face droopy?)
REACH (Is your vision all or partly lost?)
FEEL (Is your headache severe?)
If you recognize any of these signs — even if they go away — call 9-1-1 immediately and tell the operator, paramedics, or emergency room staff, "I think this is a stroke."

Good luck.
SrhFricke1134 replied to JeffDaddy;'s response:
Thank you for your reply but now we have another case of it. So now this has happened to me. It did last night. Sitting in a friend's room playing video games and out of nowhere I just felt a paleness go over me. I just wanted to go outside so I did. I sat down and constantly felt like I was almost going to pass out. I was burning up. I could hardly see although I could see it was just very dark for me (it WAS night time but we had an outside light on). I just kept thinking I just wanna go to sleep. I kept trying to pass out but my boyfriend kept me awake. I felt like I was going to vomit but didn't. It all felt like a dream to me. I took my shirt off ( i had an undershirt) and cooled off and felt better. Then not even 5 minutes later my boyfriend started having the SAME thing happen to him again. His pupils got big he was blind and hot. Felt like he was going to puke but didn't. and eventually got better. So I was thinking we are around H2S ALL THE time. We live in west tx. We are use to it. Could this have anything to do with it? I mean the friends house we were at has a sign before you pull into his driveway "H2S may be present." We can smell it all the time. Our hole town can. Is it maybe a panic attack? I've never had one like this!
JeffDaddy; replied to SrhFricke1134's response:
It could have something to do with it - go see a doctor.

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