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    donmilbauer posted:
    I have been dizzy for a long time and it has gotten even worse after my stroke. Does anybody have any advice?
    thewitciks responded:
    My husband had a stroke last Sept. and has recently complained about feeling dizzi also. He does need to drink more fluids, but we are going to pose the problem to his Dr. when we go next week.
    Miselaineous replied to thewitciks's response:
    It is unrelated but I found out I was a diabetic after I had my stroke. If my sugar is low I get really dizzy.
    JeffDaddy; replied to Miselaineous's response:
    I had vertigo for about a year after my stroke. It came on when I was active, walking mostly, and was unrelated to that head rush you'd normally get when you stand up quickly. I had an ischemic stroke that has blocked my right vertebral artery. According to my neurologist, the dizziness is due to part of my brain not receiving enough blood. With time and increased exercise, the body develops collatoral flow around the blockage. This reduces the vertigo, eventually eliminating it. The best thing I did was to keep a log of when I had the vertigo. To make it easy on myself, I created a scale (0-5). 0= no vertigo for the day. 5=more than 1 episode; lasting more than 30 seconds each; had to sit or stop to regain equilibrium. By keeping the log I was able to better inform my doctor and also see that I was progressively getting better or you might find it's related to a specific activity (i.e., time since last meal). I just had a small spiral notebook and pen in my back pocket.

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