Emotional changes after stroke
ukmoore posted:
My question is this; are emotional changes such as anger and, more specifically "emotional detachment", common for stroke victims? A family member (male 30yrs) suffered a stoke in both the left and right side of his brain. He is a fireman and the stroke, they think, was caused by the inhalation of noxious gas. He has recovered 95% the doctors say (some short term memory loss)but there seems to be emotional changes. Is this normal? Any info you can provide would be helpful.
JeffDaddy responded:
From what I've read, emotional changes are common. As for myself, I think I changed emotionally. I think I became less tollerant when I thought my time was being wasted and I probably was shorter with those people and whenever possible eliminated contact with them. I had a real "life is too short for you" attitude. With time my perspective has mellowed some. Also, most of what I was feeling (numbness, dizziness, weakness) were not visible to anyone else. As a result, I internalized a lot of things because I felt that I was fighting these symptoms alone. You could read My Stroke of Insight about helping people with strokes and I know there are other books out there on the topic.

Even brief exposure to fumes causes cardiovascular problems (New Eng. Journal of Med, Sept 2007, v. 357, n. 11, p.1075-82). Just before I had my first TIA, I was riding my bike behind a car with a very rich exhaust.

Good luck.