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    I think I had a stroke today
    seemural posted:
    I took my 18 yr old to college late todayand decided to wait for him. I felt tired so I put my seat back. Then a few minutes later I decided to crawl into the back of the van and 'stretch out'. (never do that) I laid down and woke up 20 min later feeling very disoriented, weak, lots of pressure in my head,nauseated and confused. I got out to move up to the drivers seat. I felt very dizzy and 'spaced out'. I waited for about 10 minutes.My thinking was fuzzy and I got very emotional. I called my dad and he talked to me for awhile. I tried getting out of the van and my legs were still very weak. Over the next hr, I sat in the seat, trying to reason it all out. Then I drove up to the college bldg, got out and walked/wobbled (more like it) into the bathroom. My feet were shuffling, and it was hard to stay straight. When I got back out to the van and called dad again, he said maybe I needed to eat something. I drove next door to mcd's, had trouble ordering, got back to the campus, tried to eat but it was hard to figure out how to do it and it seemed really strange. Plus it tasted horrible and the nausea made me quit. My son then called me back and he came out and said "you need to go to ER". I talked him out of it. My speech was slow, and I had trouble talking/finding words when I talked to him my dad and the drive thru girl. he went back into class and I waited. I thought maybe I'd feel better if I walked some more, did the bathroom again, still wobbly, then drove myself to the drug store on the other side. Took my bp in there. Normally I'm low- 110/68, but it was 133/86. I walked for a bit, still feeling spaced out. Talked to dad, told him I felt a bit better. After that, went back to the college, picked up my son and drove us 20 mi to pick up my daughter at her school. My head was starting to hurt more again, so I let him drive us home. Called the fam dr, made an appt for 5. At 5, there wait room was full, so I went back home to wait. They called, I went in. My dr looked at me and said I need to see a neurologist but they are hard to get into. I then told him I have an appt tomorrow to see them b/c back pain/numb/tingling in my leg (this same dr said I herniated lumbar 10 days ago). he sent me home, said not to take any aspirin and to see neuro tomorrow.He said he thinks its something 'neurological' but not a stroke ( I said the word) because the weakness is in both legs, and he said my symptoms werent really classic.
    I took some anti- nausea med when I got home from the dr, told my husband who just woke up from sleeping off night shift. He checked in w/my dad. They decided he should put me to bed. He stayed up there w/ me.
    Now its 12 hrs later from when it all started. I'm feeling a bit better, the nausea is mostly gone, my legs feel a bit stronger and I'm not disoriented, nor do I have such head pressure. I'm well enough to be on here. I do have previous medical experience, and I'm pretty sure if I had been observing a friend/family member go thru all this- I'd have insisted on the ER. I hope I didn't cause myself too much damage by insisting that I was 'ok'- even though Dad offered to drive over. I ignored my son's opinion b/c he said maybe it was related to my disc trouble and he's young... sheesh. Now that I'm feeling better and more oriented- I could kick myself. And no- my typing is not this good- I've done lots of corrections- it seems to be worse tonight than usual.
    Hubby went to work and here I am. Appointment is tomorrow at 4pm. I'm thinking maybe call them first thing in the am?
    seemural responded:
    Well, I was hoping somebody would reply by now... they had me go to Er. The ct scan was ok, the carotid doppler was ok. they sent me home. I have an mri/mra scheduled for tomorrow. Today my face is drooping a bit and my legs are still weak. We shall see. anybody there?
    JeffDaddy replied to seemural's response:
    Next time go to the ER immediately.
    seemural replied to JeffDaddy's response:
    Thanks for your input. I did not go then because I WAS CONFUSED and not thinking clearly. Yes, ER would have been the perfect place for me- I should have called 911, but again- I couldn't figure that out- that I was in serious trouble and needed help. I now have that written on my arm in permanent ink, and have put it at the top of my cell phone numbers.
    Update: I am slowly improving in my physical symptoms. My memory is still foggy and making quite a few 'minor' mistakes in taking care of my family and family scheduling, etc.
    I am going to see a specialist who will hopefully be able to help me. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and this episode is a possible complication of my disease. My cervical vertebrae are very unstable and my EDS specialist says it may have compressed some important nerves or vessels- which would cause all of my symptoms. He is referring me to
    Amelia_WebMD_Staff replied to seemural's response:
    Hi seemural,

    I'm so sorry for the late reply, but wanted to just say that I hope you are doing better now. Your situation sounds like it must have been quite a scare and I am glad that you came out of it okay. I wish you the best with your new treatment and doctor. Please keep us posted on how you are doing. You are in my thoughts! Take care!
    Best Wishes! Amelia
    seemural replied to Amelia_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Thank you. Dr. Durrani said that I had a TIA, and because of cervical instability in C1,2 which is from my Ehlers Danlos syndrome, I will more than likely have more until he can get it stabilized. He said yes to the TIA b/c of my shuffling/stumbling gait, right side weakness, and multiple offer ongoing effects.
    I also have a chiari malformation, and herniated discs at C5,6 and L5,S1. In addition to arthritis.
    current symptoms besides tia symptoms are pounding, pulsing, throbbing sounds in my head, feelings of pressure, and some bowel changes.. I can't move my head very much or it starts doing the throbbing etc..
    I am amazed at the difference in drs- one did his neuro exam and was rather sarcastic when I asked him if my symptoms were related to neck pain/instability etc..., the ER was very laid back in sending me out w/ a script to find my own mri...
    Patients truly need to be their own advocates. If something is wrong- THEY KNOW IT. And they should not be treated like idiots simply b/c they don't fit into a neat little box of "typical symptoms" for one disease. I've been walking around untreated for a TIA for close to 3 weeks, AND AT RISK FOR MORE, had to make my own referrals, find my own mri center, find a neurosurgeon who could help me. And I still have to do more work on it. this surgeon says he is the only one in a 5 state area who will even touch me b/c of my situation and having Ehlers Danlos syndrome. He is 4 hrs away, and out of my network insurance. And he can't do the operation until Feb. "You are at risk for more TIA's or worse, the chiari and the herniations are low priority at this point. The cervical instability needs handled asap." and yet, they can't put me on the surgery book before Feb. So- I walk around for 4 months, knowing I may stroke at any time. AND he said that Cleveland Clinic does NOT have anyone to help me with this. So, yes, I'm a bit upset. In the meantime, I'm trhying to rehab myself, but still have hand coordination, memory, feet shuffling troubles... my typing is atrocious and I spend more time correcting than typing..
    If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them.
    JanetGilbertLCC replied to seemural's response:
    I hope you are still checking this site for replies. My daughter age 24 had a stroke March 24 2012. She also has Ehlers Danlos syndrome and before we knew of this disorder the Dr.s tried to repair her knees and now they are ruined. Now a stroke, her left knee was the strong knee and the right knee is shot. Now the stroke!! We don't know what her future will hold for her. She is not married and insurance will be a nightmare for her. It has been 2 years for you, how have things gone for you? Do you have any suggestions. The Dr.s don't know why she had a stroke but they have stopped the YAZ birth control pill but have not said that is the reason for the stroke.
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to JanetGilbertLCC's response:

    I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's stroke!

    If you have a specific question for our expert, click the orange "Post Now" button at the top and start a new discussion. That way it is easier for members of our community and Dr. Senelick to see.

    seemural replied to JanetGilbertLCC's response:
    Hey Janet, I would love to talk w/ you. I am on Facebook- look me up there. Linn Ash, Mansfield Ohio.
    seemural replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Haylen- I think this site may need some tweaking. I JUST NOW received email notification that some replies had been posted- 2 months later??? and not at all for the other reply...
    itmatsb replied to seemural's response:
    Seemural's or Linn's initial posting is an excellent example of how strokes can obstruct your reasoning and judgement. It is up to the people observing the stroke person to overrule them and get them to the ER. So, don't berate yourself for not going to the ER, Linn.

    A friend of mine went through the day not able to talk when she had a stroke. I couldn't believe how dumb she had to be until I had a stroke and acted the same way.

    I am normally very cued in to changes in my body, but the day I had my stroke, I woke up paralyzed on one side of my body and couldn't speak properly to the cleaning lady. I had to point to things and at one point heard myself speaking gibberish. Maybe she was used to drunk people. I can't believe she never noticed anything. When my husband got home, I managed to tell him what had happened. He immediately said that I needed to go to the ER, but I kept dawdling in the house, until my husband pushed me to go. I knew all the warning signs of a stroke having looked them up in case my mother had a stroke. It made no difference.

    So please, everyone, be familiar with the stroke symptoms and get your loved one to the ER immediately.

    JanetGilbertLCC replied to itmatsb's response:
    I wanted to update about my daughters condition after her stroke this past March 2012. The wheel chair sits in her room almost every day now and she is walking almost everywhere now. When she has her AFO on her left foot (form fitting brace that helps point her toes upward) she can walk around great. She slides her left foot with the AFO across the floor. Without the AFO she must use the walker. She still struggles to lift her left knee high enough to clear the still dragging toes. It is a stiff and jerky type of movements when she tries to lift her knee.Her peripheral vision has not returned. Her response time for sudden general movements is still visibly delayed and often unbalanced. The best part is SS/Medicare and Medicaid have all been denied. I guess they think she can go to work and pay for herself. We are on our first appeal. We initially applied this past April. Thank goodness we are able to support her but we certainly feel the pinch each month with the insurance payments and medical bills and taking her to PT 2-3 times a week and other Dr's. I know we are not alone but it does make me look at the next Election with more interest.
    barb1058 replied to JanetGilbertLCC's response:
    Hi Janet, My daughter had a stroke when she was 21 (March of 2009) Hers was caused by a dissection of her carotid artery which no one can explain. SHe was/is very healthy. she has come a long way. She still can not use her right hand and she still wears an AFO on her right foot. SS denied my daughter the first time also but with all documentations witht the appeal it was accepted so keep fighting that. My daughter is amazing with what she can do. She has since gotten married My suggestion is to try to find therapy that incorporates the brain and not just the limbs. I wish my daughter would have had this type of therapy shortly after her stroke. Big difference in the therapies. please contact if you want to discuss more . God Bless.
    itmatsb replied to JanetGilbertLCC's response:
    Yes, you are so right about the next election. Under ObamaCare, no insurance company can reject you for insurance as of early 2014. The Republicans have getting rid of ObamaCare as their #1 priority.

    I am very disabled from having a major stroke, plus got kidney failure from the CT scans at the time, 24/7 migraines, plus other medical problems which cost over $200,000 a year. If I lose my health insurance, NO company will cover me no matter how much I am willing to pay. And I'm someone who has had health insurance my entire adult life. Is that fair?

    Also ObamaCare is going to cover far more people with medical care that don't have much money. But that apparently isn't a Christian value to the Republicans.

    I'm sorry to be so angry, but my personal beliefs are that no one should have to suffer without medical care. And right now, we all pay for the ER visits for all those that are not insured and can't pay. That would end with ObamaCare.
    seemural replied to itmatsb's response:
    Right Sara. I'm sorry it happened to you, and hope the residual effects are minimal.
    I did have the C1,2 fusion surgery done awhile back. I am in pain constantly in my neck, still experience symptoms of intracranial hypertension, occasionally leak fluid from my nose, etc. Different tests have been done to try to figure out my symptoms. The latest dr is referring me to the chief of neurosurgery at Cleveland Clinic. I hope and pray he can help figure out what is wrong, and that there would be something to be done to help me. It is torture to live like this. AND- my daughter has similar problems. We have been told she has chiari, platybasia, EDS, and needs a decompression/fusion done by an EDS neurosurgeon in MD. This same dr says I need c3-7 cut in half and hinge screws put in b/c all are compressing the spinal cord. This latest dr disagrees. His office could not find the fax the MD dr sent to them on the notes.
    You can see more of our journey at

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