DMBONDO posted:
My husband had a stroke last month, and he's still dizzy. No doctor had required rehab. I don't know what that is and if it would help him with his dizziness/light-headedness. it's so frustrating because last night he got hte ringing in his ears again and after breakfast this morning he felt a little nausea along with the constant headache. HELP!!!
JeffDaddy responded:
Not knowing exactly what type of stroke your husband had, I can only speak from my own experience. I had an ischemic stroke that blocked my right vertebral artery. This reduced blood flow to my brain causing what I called vertigo (dizziness) and light headness. Initially, I had multiple episodes during the day when I could not remain standing - it seemed odd because to everyone around me I appeared normal. As my neurologist explained it, to overcome this bloakage, my body needed to develop collateral flow around the area - smaller blood vessels expanded to provide the necessary flow. But this takes time. I had vertigo experiences for at least a year after the stroke. Over time as collateral flow improved, the vertigo decreased in severity and frequency. My biggest concern initially was that I wasn't getting any better. For both my benefit and my doctors, I began a journal where I documented the vertigo. I set up a scale from 0 (no episode) to 5 (unable to stand; needed recovery time), so I could just right down the time, what I was doing and the rating. I found this useful because it allowed me to really look back and see that I was improving. The doctor appreciated it as well. Over the first 6 months, I could clearly see that I was getting better. Best of luck.