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2nd time around
Anon_149732 posted:
have so many questions i will start with just one.....A year ago last January, i had surgery on my right carotid .it was severly blocked around 90%....since that time i have eaten correctly stopped smoking and exercised i am going to have to go through this again it is already at least 75% blocked and the Surgeons think it is more....of course i have asked my Dr. lots of questions and will continue to do so but sometimes you think of these things and you can't just call them up and say " hey i was just thinking" vision has changed remarkable since the last surgery.... and the symptoms of course are going through the roof...i was told not to drive for safety ..... my question is... why is this happening so soon when i did what i was suppose to?????? they are going to put in a stent and go through the groin this time to keep from creating more scar tissue...thanks in advance...p.s. also some short term memory loss they say will not return........
cchornomud responded:
would say that sometimes the damage smoking causes to your body is not an overnight fix. You spent years wreaking havoc on your body, and although it's wonderful you're following instructions, it could be a lot of hard work ahead to keep the carotid artery clear. Also, I would think there could be scar tissue which could in turn make blockages more common. These are just a lay persons guess. I really wish you the best of luck.
tac12254 responded:
ok last night while trying to lift a cup of coffee....well, my wrist went limp. and today it is still hurting, like i sprained is so hard to peg what is going on with me......i also have rsd that is in remission at this time/ which caused osteoarthritis up to the shoulder .... so i wonder which symptoms do i need to get up and go (back to hosptal or Dr. Office) i have said in a previous post ....I am having a 2nd surgery on the carotid in just a few days, in only 15 mnths...doing what i know to be good diet wise but would like to find stats on my condition ...for all this is happening in such a short period of time.....thanks
tac12254 replied to tac12254's response:
1st day home after stenting had to spend some time at dd before returning as they did not want me to drive.....the blockage was 99% according to the Surgeon and they even had to use a smaller stent then they started with... he stated it was very "tight"...he also said it was exactly where the other blockage had been and was very soft...they now are setting me up with CTA's every 6 months .....he stated i have eluded a major stroke twice now.....I have been very Blessed to have had such great medical staff...the only thing was that i had a large hematoma in the groin that after it gets fisnished doing it's thing should cover from hip to calf according to PA ...and that is the only problem so far..memory loss is the same ..and some problems with words ..but I am....still here and had a WONDERFUL Mothers question is why does this happen ? he explained it was a small percentage... and what do they mean by soft ...also why is the hematoma so large? TIA

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