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    stroke, tia, mini stroke?
    An_245614 posted:
    Last Monday at work i could not reach my glass on my desk, lasted less than 5 min then I was fine. Tues night after midnight woke husband up could not move my right leg or arm again. He got up with me and within 10 min all over and was back to normanl. I did not on either time loose my speach at all could talk fine. He took me to the ER, they ran a CAT scan nothing showed up, blood pressure 165/113. PPut me in the hospital for tests the next morning, 3 MRI, Ultra sound oof heart and neck, sonagram of heart and neck, umteen blood tests and a brain wave test, They said nothing showed up but they could tell me that I had a TIA or mini stroke. Put on 81 mg asprin per day, blood pressure pill and cholesteral pill. Came home on wed night. Sat morning about 10 had the same feeling of my body as the other 2 but did not effect my right side this time. What is going on? Am I just sitting here waiting for the 1 that puts me in a wheel chair? PLEASE help me understand this. They did say that the blood vain in the back of my neck on the left side is smaller than the right but everything else showed ok. Also said that is not unusal.
    Wendy1229 responded:
    I have no answers for you but want you to know you are not alone. I am in a similar situation. I had TIAs on May 8 and still have no real answers I am taking 81mg aspirin and 5 mg coumadin. I have low bp and low chol. In fact I have risk factors for a stroke or TIA but I am scared out of my mind.
    tac12254 responded:
    you need to see a vascular specialists....he specializes in these things....i have had a stent recently with the actual surgery a year ago..... believe me their is a world of difference..i am now on plavix and the 81mg of DR. says they have no idea why mine blocked up again so fast and so severely ( it was 99%) i don't smoke, (quit before first surgery) drink, and my BP and Cholestrol levels are great..sometimes it is in your genes (family history) does anyone else in your family have similiar problems...your BP seems awful high your life depends on you seek a second opinion from a specialists....good luck

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