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    Includes Expert Content
    Confused and scared
    An_249195 posted:

    I am new to this area but my husband recently had a bad headache for a couple of weeks and a scan called for by his doctor showed that he had had some form of obviously minor type stroke. He had no other symptoms other than occasionally a couple of his fingers or toes froze for a few seconds. He was not aware anything had happened other than having a bad headache.

    His doctor sent him to a hospital to be looked at and they initially said they were "too busy" they eventually gave him aspirin and chloresterol reducing tablets as he had mild increased chloresterol some months back.

    Now we are having to wait to see a specialist (a month's wait) and get necessary tests done to see what is going on.

    He is only in his early 40s and I am very scared as I have read things on the internet that make me paranoid something worse is going to happen. We have two toddlers and a baby on the way and this is really frightening as we do not have much information and just have to wait to see specialists. We are getting a second opinion in coming days but on one hand his doctor is asking for things to be done urgently, yet the specialists fob him off making out it is not serious.

    Should I be worried? my own father died of a massive stroke in his 70s so I already have anxiety about this condition.

    bondman responded:
    No stroke is really minor, I had a stroke in Oct and had the same numbness in my hand all summer long. I cannot use my left hand but I am working it hard.

    If he smokes he must quit. he should lower his cholesterol and may need plavix to thin his blood.
    please email me directly if you want to talk more
    heythere12 replied to bondman's response:
    Thanks for the reply, luckily he has never smoked in his life. Hs is on aspirin now and a statin to lower the cholesterol.

    It is just really scary about what is going on and whether this is going to happen again.
    bondman replied to heythere12's response:
    I know its scary, I know I could have another stroke and never wake up. Try and get him a good life insurance policy .
    heythere12 replied to bondman's response:
    Gosh you have me worried, could it be this serious......I thought tthat there were lots of things you could do to help avoid another one.
    Richard C Senelick, MD responded:
    I think the most difficult part at this point is that you do not have expert advice. When you only have bits and pieces, it is natural to think the worst and that will make you " confused and scared." Most people are able to deal with the "facts" and move forward when then have a plan. I think the second opinion will help a great deal.

    It may be that there is no relationship between the headache that lasted a few weeks and what they are seeing on the scan. This will need to be sorted out by the specialist. Aspirin is "first line" treatment to prevent both a stroke and heart disease and he has started treatment for his high cholesterol.

    The Internet is a great source of information but it can also raise your anxiety levels by talking about many things that may or may not apply to your husband. It sound slike you are doing all the right things.

    Good Luck
    After your stroke you may be experiencing a new normal, but remember what George Eliot said- It is never too late to be what you might have been. You still can achieve new goals.
    heythere12 replied to Richard C Senelick, MD's response:
    Thank you for your advice and information. It is a relief to get some informed advice and I agree that the worst thing is not having the relevant information at hand to know what is going on or has happened.

    I am trying not to look at the net too much until we know what is actually happening.

    The biggest thing that is causing anxiety is that we get referred to people with a note from the doctor saying to see us urgently, then those people do not seem to see it that way and are making us wait to get tests done.

    Hopefully the next doctor will be able to push for everything that needs to be tested to be tested.

    Thank you again


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