my mother 49 had a massive brain stem hemmorage stroke on feb 13 2013. she has yet to open her eyes. she moves a little
dumpsterqueenky posted:
when you move her legs or arms too much she pulls them away. her tongue stays stuck out and if you tap on the tip of it she will pull in. if you open her eyes she moves them around some. what tests should i ask to have done to know if my mom has any brain activity. to me it seems she has to much movement to be in a vegetative state. movement reflexes please help, i just don't know what to do next tests i don't know what tests to ask for? her right eye twitches a lot to. thank you for your time.
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itmatsb responded:
What have the doctors told you? They would be a good resource for you since no one seems to know on here.
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they wanted us to pull the plug so to speak a long time ago. said she is in a persistent vegetative state