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Evolving stroke effects 2, 3, years later
An_254652 posted:
Hi all...I am new to this group, as I thought once I had the strokes (I had multiple embolic strokes mostly in the left hemisphere affecting the occipital, temoral and frontal lobes. Once I learned to walk on my own after not being able to, I thought I was done.

A year following I was having headaches (it was my sinuses), but the ear, nose and throat doctor sent me for an mri of my brain just to be on the safe strokes had evolved and I now had vasospastic syndrome also know as Reynaud's...I have since moved to Florida as I cannot, at all, tolerate the cold as well as I get spasms in my heart and have to wear a nitro patch day in and day out.

Yesterday (the strokes were at the end of 2010) I went to get my eyes checked. I knew they were not good and I needed a new prescription, but was not expecting to find out that I am legally blind in my right eye and it will progress to blindness. My left eye, because of the strain has gone from 20/30 to 20/80 in a year. I am an avid reader and cannot read unless it is a little at a time, in huge print, and not often because I have to protect my left eye from getting worse.

It seems like a small thing, but I can read an 800 page book in 2 days...and I am losing that. I don't mind the stuttering, the short term memory loss, the uncoordination and the exhaustion, I have accepted all that - even the Reynauds but now my reading capabilities. I cannot drive any longer...

I wondered if this is it...or should I get mri's yearly? I only went in for glasses as my vision was getting worse - I had no idea what was actually happening. Apparently the vision is connected to the occipital lobe and the signals aren't making it.

Can someone give me any input at all?

Thanks so much
barblynch66 responded:
I was wondering why I haven't seen any responses on my discussion thread.
crazysailor responded:
hey barbara,you better be careful with that mri thing.the x-ray dose is about 100 times higher than for the ordinary x-ray.but the doctors are only too eager to put you through mri as often as possible

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