possible stroke?
slbg1960 posted:
about 2 weeks ago the right side of my face went numb....and before that and since I have had like a headache from hadies!!! I never get headaches so I was wondering if I am or have possibly had a mini stroke...I have very low blood pressure like 70/62 as a norm....I was reading alot of what is in the webmd stroke page and think I might have experienced one....is there any advice that will help me some...I have panic attacks if I leave the house so I am kinda limited here..I am almost 54 yr old female and live stress free as odd as that sounds lol
atti_editor responded:
Hi slbg1960,

The only way to be sure if you had or are having a mini stroke is to be examined by a doctor. Unfortunately we cannot diagnose anyone here on the board. If what you think you are experiencing is a mini stroke, I strongly urge you to call and schedule an appointment with your doctor. While they don't cause permanent brain damage, mini strokes are important signs that you cannot ignore . Is there someone who can go with you to the doctor and would limit your chances of having a panic attack? Please let us know how you are doing.

Best wishes,
slbg1960 replied to atti_editor's response:
thank you for taking the time to tell me I should def get it checked....will do when granddaughter goes back to school tues....thank you again!!