Headache, ringing in ears; related to previous TIA?
fevvay posted:
My sister had a TIA several months ago and got a stent put in her carotid artery. Yesterday she had nausea and vomiting, but felt better later and went on to work last night. When she got home she was tired and went straight to bed. Sometime during the day her pulse was pounding in her ears so loud it woke her up. She was sleepy and confused, thought at first it was a truck outside making noise. She went back to sleep, then when she woke up later, her pulse in her ears was pounding even louder and she had a bad headache. She threw up and her ears started ringing. She is in the ER now. Could it be related to the TIA she had before? She is a smoker.
atti_editor responded:
Hi fevvay,

Were you able to find out if your sister's symptoms were related to the TIA? I hope that all is well and that she is feeling better.

Best wishes,