Paralyzed LEFT LEG ONLY after stroke
An_256933 posted:
A 68 y.o. mail recently had a stroke and only his left leg is paralyzed. He has been sent to rehab but they are saying that if the leg does not become operable with therapy, they will need to amputate it. Has anyone ever heard of that? Wouldn't the amputation only be needed if there is NO blood flow?
atti_editor responded:

Here is some information on leg amputation that I found. It says that in general amputation is recommended for gangrene, unbearable pain when at rest and unhealing, untreatable ulcers. Is there any kind clot in in his leg? Have you spoken with his doctors about why they feel this is the right course of action? I would sit down with them and hear their reasoning and the pros and cons of the surgery. While the above are the most common reasons for amputation, they are not the only ones. Please let us know how he is doing.

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