Pain after stroke
jaria posted:
In 2012 I had a stroke. I awakened to tingling sensations in left arm and leg. During this time there really wasn't any pain. I was told that I had nerve and muscle damage. After about six to eight weeks I returned to work for my first 40 hour week and it almost killed me. I was a office administrator in a Fire Department. I learned that the hand bone really is connected to the wrist bone. Every muscle on my left side hurt and has hurt every since. I have neuropathy in my left foot, anything that touches my toes hurt. I cannot wear closed toe shoes, the top sheet cannot not touch them. Typing this message is taking forever, because my left arm hurts. Anyway, I just needed to share some of that. My real question is does anything help this pain? Will I ever get to wear my boots again? Will it go away of just calm down? Currently taking muscle relaxers and pain pills every 6 to eight hours. I have had injections in my lower leg and I am now getting sciatic nerve blocks. Nothing is really helping. Is there any help out there.