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    Weaning Off Of Methadone
    MeaganDawn posted:
    Hey Everybody! Just a quick note to let you all know I have started to wean of of methadone!! I was stable at 60mg/day and I decided it was time to come down. Since I am in no hurry to get off of meth I decided that I was going to take it slow. VERY slow! lol 1mg less a month! So now I am at 55mg and I feel great! Actually, I have felt no withdrawals at all! Or cravings for that matter. To anybody else thinking of weaning off of methadone, this is the way to do it. As slow as possible. Hope you all are doing ok too. Take care! Meagan
    wmbreto responded:
    Hi Meagan.I want to wish you luck on weaning off MD. You must be at a much better clinic than I was. At my clinic we had to go down 5mg at a time. I don't know why except that maybe it was too hard to measure 1mg for them. I fussed about it for yrs because I knew it would be much easier lowering the dose 1 or 2mg at a time. I tried the 5 thing many times while on it but everytime I'd get down to about 40 or 50mg, a drop of 5mg would be too much and I'd go back up. I'm through with MD now I went down to 20mg using xanax and valium then went cold turkey and almost died which was my own fault. I know I should have gotten help but my valium doc got busted and lost his liscence. so I got cut off and I was going through withdraws from valium (which was pretty much hell)so I decided if I'm gonna be misserable I might as well go all the way and quit MD also. I made it through finnally and now I'm still free from everything and have been for over 3 yrs. Anyway, keep up the good work. I think the slower you go down the better chance of being successful.
    MeaganDawn responded:
    Congrats on being sober for 3 years! I completely agree! I think that the slower you go, the more successful you will be. My clinic is awesome! It's completely up to the client how slow or fast (within reason) they want to go. Doing 1mg less a month, I honestly don't feel the difference. And that's the key. No cravings, no w/d's, nothing. Some people are in such a rush to get off of methadone that they go too fast and then they have w/d's and they use pills or smack again. I wish people would research methadone before they start it and realize that it is NOT a quick treatment. It's a big commitment and not a decision to be made lightly without doing your homework. The other thing that bothers me is when people who do not understand it, or who have heard terrible things about it judge me for being on it. They say that I'm still an addict, or a junkie and that I get high on it, etc. Which is completely untrue. I can't tell you how many times I've said to people on here that if somebody is on methadone and they nod off, they're on too high a dose. It's really that simple. Or they're either using opiates again, or on some other medication that is causing the drowsiness. But anyways, I don't get the addiction to valium. What did it do for you? I have an rx for lorazepam. I have anxiety disorder and I get panic attacks. I take one pill if/when I have an attack. I use to take one pill twice a day but when I started methadone it wasn't allowed. My doc said that I could take it if I honestly needed it. (In my 2+ years I've never faiuled a drug test, s I've earned their trust) I had no problem stopping the benzos. I wonder why that is. Anyways, hope to hear from you soon! Take care of yourself! Meagan
    Taximan283 responded:
    Hey Meagan, Long time no see. Yes, you're doing the right thing with the MD. 1 mg a month is not even something you can feel at the dose you're on. It may be a problem when you get down to 10 mg a day. Maybe they can then reduce you .25 or .5 mg at a time. We have to do a similar thing with Sub. When you get down to the nitty gritty you reduce by .5 mg at a time. There's a post around here about it. I didn't write it, but I support the method. I use a Benzo too. Like you Meagan, I use it medicinally, which means very little at a time, and only when I really need it. Last summer my anxiety levels were on 10, and so I was using 1 - 2 mg a day of Ativan, or Xanax. I thought I had become addicted to it. But I didn?t. The winter came, my anxiety levels went down to 3, from 10, and now I use very little Xanax or Ativan. There's even been a few days I skipped it. But I had become dependent on it. Some of the days I skipped it I had wds. They just feel like anxiety. You know, nervousness. But back in the middle 90's I was taking 20 - 30 mg a night of Valium. I quit it CT because I couldn't get it anymore. However, I quit Pot and opiates at the same time. So it's hard to say which wds came from what. One really odd thing that I believe was from Valium was that some of my 5 senses became super acute. One day my Mother came home with was supposed to be fresh Chicken. She unwrapped it at the sink and I said, Yuck. I said Mom, that chicken went bad. I was standing 10 feet away. But I could smell it from 10' away. Another day she was taking apart a new shirt she bought. You know how they put pins in clothes when they're new. You have to take the pins out, right. So she was doing that. One of the pins rolled off the counter, and I heard it hit the floor. She thought I was nuts. But there it was on the floor. Anyone ever hear of the comic superhero called Daredevil? The guy lost his eyesight, in the story, and he got super senses to replace his eyesight. I felt like Daredevil. At least with smell and hearing. I think those were Valium wds. So congrats on quitting the Mdone, if that's what you want. I'm still on Subx, but I'm supposed to be switching soon to the Fentanyl patch and Percs for breakthrough pain. This is for my back pain. Apparently age isn't being nice to me. My Lumbar spine is a mess. I don't even understand all the things wrong. But it causes excruciating pain unless I just sit here all day. I also have a lot of leg pain, and I think I broke a bone in my left wrist. So I'm supposed to go on heavy duty pain meds soon. I don't really want to do this. But I can't live my life just sitting here all the time. I have to be able to function, and right now I can't. I feel like pain has stolen my life. So many people say that the Fentanyl patch has given them their life back. I just hope I don't abuse it. I don't think I will, because at my age, after ruining my life with drugs, I don't even want the strong opiates. I'm content to stay on Subx. And even though high doses of Subx kill some pain, its not touching the back pain. So to be honest, I thought Fentanyl is a bad idea. But I know several people on it, and they don't abuse it at all. And 1 of them is an addict too. I really never thought she'd handle Fentanyl. But she's on it about 1 year, and she doesn't abuse it at all. So that's where my life is going. So take care Meagan. And like I always tell you, I wish you'd drop in more often.
    wmbreto responded:
    Hi Taximan and Meagan. We are a lot alike taximan. I got on valium almost by accident but it was my choice to stay on it. My son was in Iraq (marines) and doing door to door searches for bad guys and weapons and kept me pretty upset just thinking about it. Anyway I walked off my job one day and didn't tell anyone and when i got home i started worrying about the consequences so i went to my family dr. and told him I just needed a dr. excuse to take back to work. He gave me one plus a script for alprozalome which I didn't know what it was until my son in law told me and of course I started taking it and liked it. I had taken alot of valium yrs before. Using it to come down from crank. Then my next script i had filled the stupid pharmisist gave me the blue ones(next strength) by accident and of course I liked it even better. They tried to call me to tell me but I already knew and wouldn't answer my phone. After being on it for a couple months I heard withdraws from xanax can cause siezures so I changed to valium (just as bad i found out later) I hate to dissagree with you taximan but I have now tried subox and it has very similar effect on me that methadone did and I don't want any part of it. I took too much and got sick but I threw up and then felt great just like too much herion used to do' . Man! Just thinking about some of the stuff I did. it's a miracle I'm still alive. Stick to it and go slow Meagan and you;ll be fine. Hope everyone has a great new year mike
    wmbreto responded:
    I forgot to say that My solution to the urges I get to take something I just go to the fitness center and have a good workout. It's working good for me plus I'm getting in good physical condition so it's a win win situation.
    Taximan283 responded:
    Hi Mike, What are you disagreeing with me about? I don't see it. I'll tell you something that's a truism. The same drugs can effect different people differently. In my mind only kids will argue that the effect one of them got will be the same for all folks. That's absolutely false. Case in point is how Benzos effected you. From the way you said you liked them, and you liked the larger tablets even more, I guess you'd say you got a high from them. I have never felt high from a Benzo in my life. The 1st time I ever took Valium I had no idea what it was. I'm talking about 1971 here. A friend had a bottle of the Yellow ones on New Years Eve one year. Usually on NY's Eve my friends had a variety of intoxicating substances, but this 1 year we only had alcohol. That seemed boring for New Year's Eve. Everyone wanted something else. So as I said this 1 kid had Yellow Valium. I must have taken 4 of them throughout the evening and I didn't feel anything, except maybe more sleepy. I never felt high on Valium nor Xanax. If I fel anxious then they calm me down. If I don't then they do nothing except help me sleep. You probably now I have an entire theory of this illness the call addiction. Part of my theory discusses how to treat this sickness. I fully believe it can be successfully treated if one wants to get help. One technique is to engage in as many behaviors and activities that force the brain to produce Feel Good Chemicals as you can. You have discovered 1 of the best methods to force the production of Feel Good Chemicals. That method is a good physical workout. I've heard athletes tell me for years that a strenuous workout made them feel high. Now I know why. Working out causes the production of feel good chemicals. So it's not your imagination. Working out really does make you high. It even has a secondary benefit. One symptom of the addiction illness is low self esteem. As you keep working out and getting toned, you lose weight, and you look better. So once you're buff, just standing in front of a mirror makes you feel good. So yes, this is perhaps the best way to fight this disease. Unfortunately, some of us, such as me, have ruined our health to a point where I can't workout. I also don't have money to join a gym. However, I did to go down to speak with a trainer. She showed me machines that I could do what she called, Range of Motion exercises on. She set the machines to 5 lbs of weight for me to try. I was able to do most of them. But I can?t afford to belong to a gym. Another terrible thing abusing drugs does to you is to cause you to become a pauper. So I'm a pauper wit a heart and Lung conditions. For me carrying groceries up steps is strenuous exercise. I'm clean 7.5 years. If only I had gotten clean 15 years sooner I'd be in the gym too. But congrats on being clean, as well as discovering 1 of the best ways to fight the disease.
    wmbreto responded:
    I'm sorry, I should have clarified what I dissagreed about. It was that subox being like methadone. It affected me very much the same. And you are very much. right about how drugs affect poeple differently. For instance md and subox makes me very hyper where as it calms most poeple down. maybe it stems from my long term crank use. MD actually raises my bloodpressure. Or it could be I had a very physical job loading and unloading cars and pickups. I'm a retired carhauler driving big rigs around the country. That info would probably shake poeple up knowing that such drug addicts are out there on the road with 100,000lbs rigs but it's a fact there are some a lot worse than me. I think it was around 1990 when they started manditory drug tests for DOT drivers. I was already on MD at the time and it was anything prescribed by a dr was ok. until about 96 they made MD illegl. I stayed on it in jeapardy of losing my job but very fortunate I made it to retirement before I came up for a random drug test. I am limited on what I can excercise. My knees are messed up and I can't put pressure like walking, running or even the bicycle hurts. and forget stairs, that's the worst. I had reconstructive surgery on one with a cartlige implant, now my other knee is just as bad. MD or subx eases the pain alot and i;m able to do much more but in the long run I hurt even more because I;m grinding bone on bone with no cartlige left and dont feel it much when taking opiates so i really have to be careful ,

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