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    Opiate Addiction
    LadyAdams posted:
    have been addicted to opiates for over for years. and have used pretty much everyday. and i am starting to do well in my life. but, i have a gorilla on my back. and for me being addicted to opiates is like having sex with a gorilla, you don't stop until the gorilla stops. i have been reading online about Suboxone, and i have not used opiates in two days and am going through hell. there are two doctors in my area that prescribe suboxone. and i am just wondering if i will be told no, they cant prescribe me suboxone, or that they wont see me. and if i dont find something, i will just keep on using. if anyone can give me some advice, it would mean the world to me. im scared and want to get better, but i cant quit the opiates without feeling like im dying.
    choclab88 responded:
    Hi. I was addicted to opiates for years (oxy's, methadone, etc.) I got sober through detox. Subaxone is just a replacement to get high. Please go to detox, then go to a 12-step group. I will be glad to give you my email or phone number if you want to talk.
    wmbreto responded:
    choclab is giving some good advice. I too was addicted to opiates. I was on methadone for about 25 years and quit cold turkey. I thought I was going to die just like you. I gave up and just layed in bed for months just wanting to and hoping I would die. I just made my situation worse by not trying. I finnally snapped out of it and slowly started eating and exercising. If I could go back 25years and do it all again, I would have gone to a rehab. I know there's probably some that would dissagree with me but replacing a drug with another is a waist of time with an addict, unless they're doing illegal drugs and the complications that can cause.
    Kayap responded:
    Sub can be a replacement drug(not to get high but to avoid wd and to feel normal) it can help you get through wd's and be free of opiates if done correctly. You must be willing to do a fast detox and follow your doc's advice correctly. Also make sure you go to a reputable addiction specialist not someone in this to make a few bucks because he/she will not want you to do the fast detox. Getting off sub if you take it long term is just as hard as the opiates. So if you need this to stay on your job and function while getting off of opiates this is a good option. Take heed and go to 12 step groups or to a support group while you are getting healthy again.

    OpiateAddict responded:
    I am an addict and I love my opiates and hate them at the same time! I was addicted to Oxy, MS Cotin, Diluadid, Morphine, Heroine, and Norco, oh and illeagal methadone pills. I went into methadone long term detox and then relapsed. I then went into the methadone program again and have suceeded!!!! It is soooo hard to get off of these drugs. I still want to take an Oxy, but I removed myself from my friends who used and that has helped me stay off of drugs. For me methadone was easy to get off of, I did not have any withdrawl syptoms. And I know about that feeling of just wanting to die! In order to get on methadone you need to come up positive for opiates for them to treat you. I have had many friends that have failed over and over again on suboxone. Also the methadone gets rid of the withdrawl and the craving for opiates. Now that I am off of methadone I crave opiates, but when I feel like that I leave my house and go out or go to a NA meeting. NA is a great place for people like use. Suprisingly most people there have had a problem with pills. Good luck and hang in there. If I can beat this addiction you can too! I am weak to drugs and have low self-esteem and I have manic depression/bipolar. So u can imagine that I have been self medicating myself with opiates for years. You will get through this!
    dzimukas responded:
    I just started suboxone yesterday for the first time ever. I dont feel the withdraws, just some achy joints. all of them. i hope im doing everything right so i can stop these as well. my dr. is telling me 4 months or so. i dont think its right so when i feel better i will decrease my dose myself so i dont get hooked on these. i dont want pills anymore because it started to be less effective for my back the longer i took them. so im quitting without missing work. so far today was bearable but we will see what the week will bring me.
    hopefulmom30 responded:
    am a busy working mom. i never used pain meds until about 6 yrs ago when i had tooth problems. i was only on for a month but i became addicted and my life has never been the same. i started abusing for fun about a year ago. my husband is prescribed for his back. i have used everyday since april and im finally to the point where i just want to feel normal again. i havent used in two days but the craving is rediculous. my husband knows about my problem and is very supportive but i just want the craving to go away.
    Newlyfound responded:
    I know there are people who feel that Suboxone is a negative alternative to getting and staying sober but i have full faith in the use of this medication, if used properly. Just like everyone else, I too have a story and to make a long story short, I am a recovering addict and i just celebrated my 2 years clean! I was a mother of 3 and wife to a wonderful man and my life was picture perfect to the outside world. However, what nobody saw was the chains that opiates had on me for 5 years. I was taking lethal doses on a daily basis, it's by the grace of God that i'm here today. I checked myself into a rehab facility and my mission was to get started on a regimen of medication that would help me through my withdrawls as well as depression and anxiety. So i was discharged after being there a little over a week and i have been taking Suboxone (along with depression med) for 2 years so far and i know i still have years to go before i can completely wean myself off but i have absolutely NO REGRETS. Suboxone does not get me high, it is my backup plan. If i have to take it in order to stay clean then i will take it every day of my life. I wouldnt be where i am today without suboxone and my entire family agrees with my plan. Honey, please get help for yourself because i know where you are and i know that you arent living your life to its fullest. I know how unhappy this disease makes you. Its okay to ask for help, this isnt something that I could do on my own and I would have never been successful without help. Go get yourself some help and start living your life! Please keep my address, I will be here for your support. RHONDA
    starryskies replied to Newlyfound's response:
    Thank you so much for this post . I am on sub day 3 and I do not get high from this drug , I actually find it unpleasant. But I would rather be off the oxycodone . For the first time in 4 years I feel hopeful. I am looking for somebody to share experience and am open to positive suggestions !

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