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My Nose is Falling Off
An_227068 posted:
Hello, I'm really hoping I can find a good answer here. I have been snorting pain killers for about 2yrs now, after I got in a car accident and part of physical therapy is 30 7.5mg Hydrocodone a week. I went from eating a couple every now and then to snorting a couple every few hours. Now, I cannot go an hour without my nose burning horribly and my throat getting sore. The longer I go, the worse it becomes until you can't focus on anything except the pain. My eyes water, my throat starts to swell and it feels like there are tiny needles peircing my nose from the inside out. I want to stop snorting pills altogether.
I had a weekend planned to detox, I got some Xanax and attempted to sleep through the pain but I couldn't stay asleep. I had gotten saline rinses, saline gel, sore throat spray, cough drops and have even tried swabbing the inside of my nose with Orajel and it helped but nothing has worked.
I know that the drugs have eatin away the lining of my nose, which could possibly become infected and can have permanent effects. I know I could easily overdose and I know this is taking a terrible toll on my liver. I know I should check into rehab or go to the ER and I should definately tell my doctor. What I don't know is what I can do to stop this terrible ridiculous pain that has me horribly depressed and scared that I won't be able to quit pain pills without letting my family and my colleagues know that I have been hiding this addiction that has turned my world upside down.
I hope someone can help me.
choclab88 responded:
I suggest going to a detox center right away! You have to get better and the only way to get better is to get honest and get some help immediately.
just_looking responded:
Dont think I can help but you are not alone. Been snorting percocet for over 10 years now. Dont have any of the problems you talk about but have, many times, had scabs that took weeks/months to heal inside the nose. I haven't told anyone about my addiction because I am afraid of being cutoff by PCP. I think I want to quit for the same reasons you give above but very tough. We can talk offline if you wish but I probably can't help you only sympathize with you and compare experiences.
crazyredj replied to just_looking's response:
Hey there just_looking. You still around two years later? I appreciate your post about snorting percocet. I have similar issues. I myself would really like to speak with you offline if that's ok.
TDXSP08 replied to crazyredj's response:
all you guys need to come clean because with the fed's on the warpath its only a matter of time before your caught or your Doctor stops writing scripts for the drugs because doctors soon will be required to go to classes on each and every painkiller they prescribe and then patient classes will follow and nationwide pill identification is being worked on so every pill is traceable back to the pharmacy and to the doctors prescription that that pill was dispensed for so buying and selling "the black Market" is going to get pounded so be prepared get off drugs now so your not caught with an illegal pill and get a mandatory 25 year sentence for possession of 1 pill.i am sure you could do a lot more with your life in 25 years on the outside than 25 years in federal prison for 1 pill and detoxing in jail so do yourself a favor lose the email is at the bottom of "my story" should you want to talk

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