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marijuana use during pregnancy
An_227131 posted:
my daughter is 5 months pregnant & have fought with her for years about the legal & health issues resulting from her "using". now she is pregnant & @ a recent pre-natal appt. was told she tested positive for marijuana. have had every discussion there is to have with her through her teenage years. we both have paid for the mistakes that are a direct result of her "using". now, the stakes are even higher because we are talking about an innocent. my unborn grandson. can anybody suggest the strongest argument that i can present to her on this subject. also, can medical people report her & have her child taken away?
DiGineedsHelp responded:
1st off your right about smoking marijuana during pregnancy, smoking anything really. Just let her know that shes gonna end up doing long term damage to her child and if that doesnt persuade her then maybe nothing will, unfortunately. But, on the other hand, if she wasnt pregnant, marijuana is the most harmless drug legal or not that people use to get high recreationally. Its 1,000,000 times safer than alcohol, the only health risk it poses is from smoking it and its no worse than cigarettes. There are soooo many myths out there about marijuana that fuel an unhealthy obsession with demonizing it. Maybe if you told your daughter that if she quits until she has her baby and never does it with the baby around after, she might look at your advice as a little more realistic. Because again, your completely right about smoking it while pregnant, thats terrible for the baby, but perhaps she looks at it as a way 2 act out against the authority that you've imposed upon her. But I barely know you or your daughter so take it with a grain of salt.
kathycornflakes responded:
There a few things I need to say here, esp. reguarding the above comment. I am a social worker and I know that if the baby tests positive for any kind of drugs, DCF will be involved. Not necessarily having the child removed, but your daughter would be court ordered to attend drug treatment. Also, there is a possibility that her child could be born with low birth weight-which contributes to tons of developmental problems. Even if your daughter resumes using marajuana after she delivers, she is 100% responsible for EVERY action she makes, "around" that baby or not. If it is found out that she is a consistent drug abuser, she will be in trouble. The law does not recognize how dangerous various drugs may/may not be. If she is using something life threatening to the fetus- like meth or crack- the child will be taken away until she can prove that she is clean. To the courts, an illegal drug is an illegal drug. If she has made "mistakes" in the past due to this, she will more than likely continue to do so. I would recommend she get help NOW before the child is here. If not, she is in danger of all kinds of consequences. In the meantime, I would create a "worst case scenario" plan- are there any family members who can care for the baby, if need be?
Betty Ford Center
James Golden, MD responded:
It has been proven that cannabis use can lead to neurocognitive impairment. The damage may not be apparent immediately, but as the brain develops, the impairment would become obvious. Equally important are the legal ramifications of cannabis use during pregnancy. In most states, Child Protective Services (CPS) would be immediately notified of the presence of illicit drugs. CPS would be particularly interested in a case such as this and would likely look beyond the cannabis use into environment aspects such as binge drinking in the home. Findings could very well lead to the child becoming a ward of the court upon birth.
dansmithlacey replied to James Golden, MD's response:
UUUmmmm... Not really. I have never seen cps or anyone say anything about anyone I know smoking bud why they was pageant. And furthermore my relative are very healthy and smart as all hell and there mom smoked to the day they were born. I might add she was stoned why giving birth"026 Let me know your proof.

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