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Alternatives to AA?
CuriousinSeattle posted:
Hi, I am looking for some advice from this community on finding some healthy non-AA alternatives to beating alcohol abuse? I am not ruling out AA altogether, but I am exploring other ideas to get myself some help. I started seeing an addiction counselor last week who might be able to help give other ideas. Over the last year I have been drinking too much and have recently starting thinking about quitting. But need some help and want to find all my options. Just getting to this point - asking for help - has been a big step for me. Thanks.
Betty Ford Center
Johanna O'Flaherty, PhD responded:
Successful treatment at Betty Ford Center is based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, but we are mindful that there are many roads to recovery. Your addiction counselor may be able to offer you guidance, and if you are in a large city, there are probably a variety of options ranging from Rational Recovery to the Secular Organizations for Sobriety. It is wonderful that you have arrived at the point where you are asking questions and seeking help. If you do find yourself choosing AA, look for the similarities in the stories and solutions, and remember you don't have to live in discomfort and pain ever again with the support of this sober network.
memelanie1 responded:
I recommend Smart Recovery. It was a great help to me during a difficult time
nkaplan2113 responded:
A lot of times there are common misconceptions of the AA program. I know by experience I walked out immediatly after going in the first time. But as someone explained it better I was able to grasp the idea in a different light and accept it. I am now 7 and a half years sober at the age of 24 and I also work at a treatment center. Needless to say it works.
If you have any questions let me know.
santabarbara_lmft responded:
At Full Spectrum Recovery and Counseling we offer: DrinkChoice, a powerful six-week exploration of one's drinking habits, leading to moderation or abstinence; a non-12-Step Coping Skills Training for drinkers pursuing abstinence support, and a Private Independent Recovery Track for those wishing anonymity and privacy as they pursue healthy lifestyle changes. Our clients also benefit from substance use education, moderation skills training and other supportive resources as needed, such as EMDR and trauma-focused CBT . When appropriate, we work with physicians and other healing professionals who to support successful recovery. Karen Tyrrell 805-966-5100