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The Heart Of The Matter
An_245075 posted:
Please! Lets stop all the BS. To many of our kids today are getting addicted to Opiates. I grew up in the 60s & 70s, (The age of rebellion, expermintation, love-just about anything that felt good, made you feel good or made you feel. I and most of my generation made it through it. Today however we are loosing to many children to the temtations out there. There are no breaks, nothing that says " whoo man this is to much-- Time Release, Slow Release, Delayed Release, means nothing to a kid who has been spoiled with instant gratification. And yea man, we are responsible for giving it to them. " Spare the rod and spoil the child to make them fell secure", What idiots we turned out to be!
Now when we have a drug like Naltrexone, which blocks the opiate receptors in our system if they are messed with, crushed, melted, whatever they do to get an instant high, we dont put it in all opiates and hide the fact that it even exists. To late by now they have already figured out a way to get around it. They always will. we have to stay one step ahead of them which we will never do. What needs to be done is put a stop th this instant gratification sh__. Ew may have alredy lost a generation or two but it's time to put the words NO, WAIT, YOUR NEXT, Hold On For A Minute, Take A Damn Number and Wait Your Turn. Stop being afraid of hurting their feelings or raising an insecure kid. Dead is not an alternative. Teach respect, patience, sensativity, morals and the rules of life. Forget December 21, 2012 unless we change we are going to end the world as we know it. Take a few minutes out of your self indulged lives and think about it. If you can't see what we are doing then we are going to kill our children or grandchildren. Think, act and pray it's not to little to late

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ljude38 responded:
Ive been working treatment for years and so many kids end up becoming the accidental addict. They think it cant happen to them and end up in full blown addiction a short time later. Its a sad state of affairs

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