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Will My Brain And Lungs Heal After Smoking weed?
LAvi21 posted:
I have been smoking weed since I was about 15, I never smoked more then 2-3 blunts a day and that was only on special occasions like someone birthday or new years eve. I did most of my smoking from 15-19 and thats when I was smoking 3-4 times a week usually 1 blunt or several hits from my bowl. I am now 20 going on 21 and I may have smoked a total of 20 times since my last birthday Sept. 16th. I stopped a few times before for about 2-4 months and then started back again because of social reasons. I feel like it has slowed me down physically and some what mentally. I found myself forgetting things and having harder times with simple things for example the order I chose to do something. But when it came to more complicated things like writing an essay or my math homework I had no problem UNLESS I was completely high and wanted to sleep. I haven't smoked weed in about a week which was only a few hits from a joint. I also smoked other things like black and milds and a cigarette here and there too.
I just wanna pretty much find out how long will it take my brain to return to a "normal" state and how long will it take my lungs to recover because I really miss playing Baseball and Basketball but I feel like I would suck if I started back playing right now in the current state my body is in. Also would it help my body recover quicker if I began to work out and drink nothing but water (I have already started to do this btw)

Thanks for reading I am open to any responses personal experiences excepted. (I'm not trying to bash anyone who smokes either so you don't have to comment about it)
Betty Ford Center
A Thomas McLellan, PhD responded:
You are probably right about the slowness you sense, which you probably couldn't feel when you were younger. However, effects cumulate.

The good news is you will regain what you had in about 4-6 weeks of not smoking. It takes this long because THC and other MJ ingredients get absorbed into fat tissue, and they gradually leak out of the system. Your wind and stamina will recover first, and cognitive function will be delayed. Again, this is because nervous tissue is covered by fatty sheaths. You say you want to wait till you feel normal to do sports; I get it, but exercise will speed your metabolism and speed the process.

Warning - you should always be able to recover, but the longer you wait, the longer it will take. At your age, you can still improve your ability to function in sports and education, unless your MJ use prevents you from that improvement.
LAvi21 replied to A Thomas McLellan, PhD's response:
Thank you!

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