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Body Developed with cannabis chemicals!! some advice please
Mertm88 posted:
hey guys i am 24 next month and have been smoking Cannabis (here in the UK we call it Skunk.. (not weed but the slightly stronger stuff) for about 13years since around 11years old (end of year 6) and have stopped around 8days ago now. i know from that age my body has been developing and growing with the chemicals in it and i have gone through stages from starting with munchies and giggles to now after all these years i get pains in my body and now loosing feeling in my penis and suppressed appetite i am never hungry i would get a slight hunger around 5pm and have something small and feel full up. the other month i went out and you know when you are sitting down and you get up quickly you get that light headed feeling, well i was standing and all of a sudden i was getting light headed and it was getting SOO intense i lost balance and stumbled to the floor and lost vision which really scared me. it has happened only once to me . also i started to loose my hair when i was 16 and pretty much on the top its all gone. can that also be due to cannabis? i am very worried about my body hence why i have stopped smoking 8 days ago. can someone give me some advice about my hunger issues and that "almost" black out and body pains along with the lack of feeling in my penis and hair loss. i have a friend of mine (smoking partner) but he started when he was 13 or 14 which of course his body organs were slightly more developed then mine when introduced to cannabis. he does not have any issues like i do and i am really needing help. doctors don't help because you are under the influence they just use excuses that your paranoid blah blah blah anything to save them referring you. but i need advice from mature knowledge people who can give me an insight on why i feel in these ways whats going on with my body. i mean can cannabis cause penis feeling to be lost? body pains in stomach.. also sometimes i wake up and get pains in my kidneys . i am stressed allot due to these feelings and desperate for real answers. hope you can understand my struggle at such a young age! regards , mert
Betty Ford Center
James Golden, MD responded:
Cannabis gets into your brain and stays there, and you have been using it for a long time. In effect, you have lost your feelings because you've mentally "checked out" — those feelings are blocked by the cannabis. The good news is that you will eventually feel better, but it will take a while for the cannabis to seep out of the brain.
The pains you describe are likely due to the effect of long-term use. After a prolonged period of abstinence — if these pains persist — I suggest you see your physician. Right now, looking at chemical dependency treatment would be a good safeguard against relapse.
Mertm88 replied to James Golden, MD's response:
hello James Golden, i am most grateful it were it to have replied because of your background and knowledge is trustable.

just a few questions i would like to ask regarding this situation of mine. by safeguard against relapse do you mean cravings for it or withdrawal? if you do so it has now been around 18days i have stopped smoking and i get no craves no withdrawal symptoms and taking it well as i believe i am strong like that but if you ment it in another way please help me understand your meaning. i have noticed my hair (which was bold on the top) has starting growing quite abit of hair but its still thin and like baby hair. could this be the result of stopping? will it grow back as it use to be? as for the penis and issues down there is still the same. i still wake up in the morning with slight kidney aches which i can feel when i am breathing. also from time to time i find blood in my stool, and its always light brown and never solid, its always in between . could this be results of cannabis or is this just another issues altogether? finally how long does cannabis stay in my system before its literally completely out of my body and out the door forever. would there be any scars left behind in anyway?

thank you very much James Golden for your previous response and im looking forward from hearing from you again i just need to know what actual actions to take,

yours faithfully

Betty Ford Center
James Golden, MD replied to Mertm88's response:
Unfortunately, there are no definitive answers to your questions, Mert.

Nevertheless, I can tell you that most of your difficulties will improve if you stay sober - the longer, the better. Engaging in chemical dependency treatment now can optimize your chances of staying sober for a long time. 12 Step meetings are also a great resource.

Cannabis will stay in your system for a long time, but the good news is that every day you are sober, some of it will metabolize out.
Mertm88 replied to James Golden, MD's response:
well thank you for your help and i appreciate it. as for the chemical dependency i appreciate the idea but honestly i am far beyond going back as i believe it is all in the head and the feel cannabis gives to me recently its more then enough to give it a knock on the head and i have noticed improvements in eating and also my hair growth. well thank you for your help and i will be sure to stay off it and post a reply on this "topic" of mine in the future to let you know how im getting along! much regards, mert tanay

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