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Should Cocaine Be Legalized?
business2319 posted:
I would like to know where I can find a definitive analysis of the relative risks to a non-user regarding alcohol addiction and cocaine addiction. That is, where is the scientific proof that taking cocaine once of a few times is more dangerous than taking alcohol once or a few times? If it is NOT more dangerous, then why are we fooling ourselves in thinking we need a drug war that we are NOT winning, against cocaine, when we don't with alcohol?

Can someone reply please as I would like to advocate for a change in drug laws if the science substantiates it. Think of how much money we could divert to prevention and curing of addiction, if we did not have to spend it on fighting the drug law violations.
puravida22 responded:
Good luck with that. Busting drug offenders is big business when you consider that even minor offenders bring usually more than $1,000 into the system each, and much of that money goes into private hands (rehabilitation services, etc., etc.). Even if it were discovered that cocaine could cure cancer, it would never be legalized.

To address your question about the safety of cocaine as opposed to alcohol, IMO it's probably considerably SAFER in many ways, but this would be to assume that you had pure cocaine. Almost all cocaine is produced with dubious chemicals, under unregulated circumstances. And beyond that, each time it passes through another person's hands, it's usually "cut" to make it weaker and increase profits. You don't even want to know what's in there sometimes, from household bleach to God knows what else.

Cocaine is certainly addictive and dangerous, will cause erratic and drug-seeking behavior; the only reason I say it MIGHT be SLIGHTLY safer than alcohol from a physiological standpoint is that it shouldn't toxify organs like the liver as badly or quickly as alcohol can. Anyhow... Don't hold your breath waiting for any substance, even marijuana, to become legal and readily available anytime soon, at least not OTC.
business2319 replied to puravida22's response:
I am not suggesting that it should be sold over the counter - only in controlled stores same as alcohol. Could not some standards be set as to quality as well, t avoid the risk you noted above? Don't we have such for alcohol, lest people be served alcohols that are poisonous like isopropol alcohol?

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