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i want to cut down
tomuchnow posted:
are u generally more lazy than if u dont smoke weed ,, can u be a top functining adult with minimal weed intake

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please could someone offer advice and some pot smoker wisdom i am 24 and have smoked weed nearly every day for at least 6 years idealy i would like to smoke it once a week currently im at about 3 nights a week will my brain heal with jus cutting down or do uhave to stop completly
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Betty Ford Center
James Golden, MD responded:
Cannabis gets into the brain and affects the way it functions. The longer one uses, the more cannabis accumulates in the brain, and the more profound the brain function is affected.

The main effect is short-term memory loss.

You may want to weigh the results of your cannabis use against your desire to continue using it.
joanconnorclark responded:
There is some interesting information in this publication regarding the lasting effects of smoking pot: