health problems with Kratom
brandy749 posted:
I started using kratom last month and have experienced some horrible drawbacks. i get horrible anxiety and panic attacks which i have never expierenced in my entire life. Narcotics have never done this to me. Then yesterday i developed a ovarian torsion. the dr said was strange being that i rarely get ovarian cysts. Well kratom is over stimulating. This can cause a multitude of physical and mental problems. since taking kratom ive been thru hell. the mental anxiety is the worse. i took it because of my fibromayalgia and tired of begging the dr for meds. Hydro has never caused me any of these problems. kratom to me is very dangerous. i cannot even imagine what problems healthwise this can cause in the future. its just too over stimulating.
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Brandy and welcome here,

Thank you for taking the time to share your story and to help others as well.
megly responded:
Brandy, you are the first person who has posted the same concerns about Kratom being too stimulating, as I have. I struggle on and off with adrenal exhaustion- which leads to anxiety and depression. I decided to try Kratom for anxiety and pain so that I wouldn't have to worry about trying to get more meds (vicodin) from the Dr. Well after taking it for about a week, I was noticing such extreme fatigue (to the point of feeling like I wanted to throw up), and I started to suspect Kratom was the culprit. I'm very sensitive to any stimulants so I don't drink coffee or eat sugar. I can only handle 1 gram of Kratom or I get sick. Since Kratom is is a member of the coffee family, I realized that I probably shouldn't be putting any of it in my system. I've never experienced those icky side effects from vicodin (I don't take it very often). Right when I take the Kratom, my mind does feel calm (which I like, because I am a constant worrier), but as the day goes on, I start to feel horribly tired- but jittery- like what coffee does to some people. I was only taking it for about 2 weeks, but I am now trying to recover from it's damage. I'm bummed because I thought this would be a healthier alternative to prescription drugs, but it has done far more damage than good. I agree that for people who don't struggle with adrenal fatigue, it could be great, but those of us who are sensitive to stimulants shouldn't even go near it. Sigh.