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Please, I need expert advice. I'm tired of nonsense and I need a real answer.
An_254060 posted:
I just did & that is the only thing I take. May I ask a question? Aside from living with (part time, someone who is a smoker) I am 40 yrs old and have a zero tolerance for that crap. I never really did. Maybe before I was 20. Never, I do not care how many people want to judge or say this or feet swell 3 times larger than my shoe size and my legs die all day and are very painful from a condition i have, however, the result was a 9. Thats not even failing level. Its not even usage level. Apparently I spoke to the lab there and they told me this, specifically asked me about naproxen and yes it sits on my counter every day as I need it often to wear shoes. What does anyone have to say about this? They are recalling it based on I passed the very next and oddly I had a drug test a day before and nothing came up, so what is the deal here? I can honestly say I am not a smoker, I never liked it and I never will. This is an urgent matter and no, Im not on probation, but for other reasons it is urgent. Can someone help answer this question? My mind was blown when they called to say sorry after and are rescheduling things, however, I need to know WHY? Is it really true this would have an effect and if so how? Such a low one at that. Not even failing level. If I had made failing level they would have went about things differently but I did not even make that so my lawyer postponed (custody arrangement Issue) ...... however my son is begging to come home, begging, He is 12. Please. Tell me what I did or can do or why even? It is not going to rely on this however I cant understand it. Just looks silly to the judge, but it was not failing either so he was understanding and just needs to know. I have a few thoughts but to be honest, Idk if they would even be an answer. First of all I had a huge party at a friends the night of my 40th birthday. I do not drink, so its not like anything went into my body that night. My lawyer said poss 2nd hand but I say no to that. It bothered me he even said that!!! Do not make excuses for me...! I know myself and If I say, I did NOT do it, Im saying I did not do it.Some people will give you a load of bc for an answer, however, my son is my only son and I could care less about a glass of wine, any drugs, or even lobster or new clothes. HE, comes first, period. I would never and have never jeopardized that. Now, my ex is laughing and screaming profanity as I left the court house. If I left my car open ever, and left my coffee in there daily as I do, could anything at all, anything had ever be put in it? I would not be surprised as he disassembled my last car just months ago. One thing, if you are on someone's car everyday (bc temp yours is not running at all), and they drive with someone who DOES smoke and does so in the car, could that in ANY way at all do this? I need to now because if so, I can never and will never get in that car again. I'm renting a car tomorrow by the way just in case b/c that is my only thought aside from the as needed Naproxen Sod..anti inflammatory... ....Please, may an expert Please, help answer this question. GBY for answering or helping in Any way.

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Has anyone failed a urinalysis to pot, marijuana that stuff only, as a result of naproxen sodium? Oddly the test day prior was negative and the one the day after was positive, Help anyone, please
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