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Help me understand...opiate info needed. New to board
gagirl12 posted:
So my husband was an ex addict. Had taken meth/ice earlier in life & got clean. Then became addicted to pills. He overdosed and went through detox, was getting his life back together when we began talking. I was a friend of his sister so I knew his background but he still insisted on telling me everything so there would be no secrets. Wanted a new start. A year after we became engaged and only 4 months before our wedding he was in a bad car accident that resulted in back surgery. He struggled to not take any meds but had to give in. Long story short we have just had our 1st anniversary but it has been a struggle. We lost our house due to him buying pills. Lies and more lies. Caught a "friend" leaving something in the mailbox. He came clean and we tried to move on. Got another house. Two months ago he told me he didn't have rent $ cause he bought pills. I had to take out of my savings to cover it. Idk why I am even still here. When he is normal I love him to death...thats the man I fell in love with. But when he is different I hate him. He denies until the cows come home and even makes me feel like I am crazy! His pupils are tiny his voice is really hoarse sounding, he is hyper and talkative up until he is still then his eyes will roll back and he keeps nodding. He has lost weight and his appetite has changed. He gets real irritable easily. He also sniffs alot or like something in his nose wont come out. Idk how to explain it. He uses his back as an excuse a lot. I just need advice. Everyday I am stressed and nvr know which man is coming home.
momuv4girls responded:
I would highly suggest you look into

I would find a local group and GO. You need to meet with others who understand your struggles and can advise you on what to do and what not to do.

Take care of yourself!!
Anon_158160 responded:
From your description, it sounds like your husband's addiction has surfaced again, stronger than ever. (In my experience, there is no such thing as an ex-addict or ex-alcoholic; those of us in recovery keep this disease at bay a day at a time.) If he has been in detox before, he knows what he needs to do to get and stay clean and sober.

I would suggest you find support for yourself in a program for family members of addicts. Your city may have a treatment center that offers this, or you can go to Al-Anon or Nar-Anon.

By paying rent and taking care of things for your husband, you're enabling him to stay in his disease without consequences.

Please take care of yourself.
gagirl12 replied to Anon_158160's response:
Yes I do need help because I feel as though I am the one that is going crazy. I can look at him and know and my gut is telling me to get out but as soon as I have decided I can't do it anymore he will be normal for a while. Then I am right back to being let down when he comes home different. As far as the rent I had no choice. He told me the night before it was due. I decided then that I was done. For a week we did not speak. Then he started proving that he was trying. That lasted only a month. Thank you for the links & advice.

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