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Prescription Drug Abuse or Dependence
Louise_WebMD_Staff posted:
It can be hard to tell if your loved one is addicted to a medication or just dependent on it. Find out what that means in the article linked above.
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ka_el4u responded:
3to4 years of vics and perks other type of drugs. All i want is to be free;Free of the pain one goes throught both physical and emotional wtih this addiction. I know their is a better life out there. A life with out drugs, life as we are meant to enjoy and have. please help me. this is very hard for me to tell anyone.
Taximan283 replied to ka_el4u's response:
Why don't you start by making a bigger post. Tell us about yourself, and your problem. You mentioned pain. Are you talking about the pain of addiction, or do you mean a sickness or injury you have that caused you to become addicted? I think you'll be surprised at how many people who are hooked on pain pills became that way due to an injury. It seems that's most people. So do you mean that? Whether or not you do, doesn't matter much once you're hooked. Getting off the pills is just as hard for a person who got hooked because the pills made them feel good, as for the person who got hooked due to pain. Of course if it was due to pain then you need an answer for the pain that doesn't include taking the pills. So first you have to figure out how to deal with the pain.

When you make your post please include your gender and your age. Once we know what we're dealing with, we can try to help you. And just so you know, everyone has a hard time talking about it at first. It gets easier the longer you talk. But if you never start, it will never get easier.

cinn777 responded:
I am very fearfull for my health and well being i was just recently let go from my pain management clinic which were giving me 40 mg oxycottin and 30mg oxycodone for 12 months . I had made the terrible mistake assuming when i ran out that my regular gyno who has preformed all my surgerys were on the same page. Now i am out of all my meds cold turkey and i am going crazy. I have two young children to take care of and a job i have not been able to do . My Question is do i tell my doctor and will i get help or will i just be treated like i was in the er . I would like to try suboxin but to my knowledge the drs who prescribe this are very hard to get into so then what the hell so i do in the meantime.....

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