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Thyroid Medication & Diet Pills
Zlluvia posted:
I have had under active thyroid for years. I just went to a new doctor & was told that I could take Levothyroxin & diets pills together. Know this is a doctor telling me this. On the label of both medications it says that you are not suppose to take them. I just want to know if anyone out there is also taking thyroid pill along with diet pills & if they have had any side effects. If there are any doctors on this message board I hope they can give some insight.
Lizatonic responded:
As a former diet pill junkie, and hypothyroid paitent, I can tell you a few things. But first I have a question. What type of diet pills are they? Over the counter or prescribed? Always be wary of the over the counter ones, they often gave me heart palpitations. I am against diet pills, I used to take them but I've become disenchanted with them. However, if you are determined to use them, I suggest making sure you take them at least 2 hours apart (preferably four). This way there is less of a chance that they will interact with each other. If you have any complications I highly suggest you see a different doctor (Since most of mine tell me NOT to take diet pills at all, I am baffled by your doctor). I do take a 'Detox' pill that helps me with my water retention, but I take it at night and my thyroid medication in the morning just to be extra safe. ps. If you have a 'gut feeling' that taking both medications will cause you trouble, seek a second oppinion, never ignore gut feelings when it comes to your health. Best of luck-- Lizatonic.

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