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Please Help....Newly diagnosed with Hypothroidism!!!
sandollar9878 posted:
I have been so upset and dont know where else to turn. I used to be 120lbs and in less than 2 months,I ballooned up to 157lbs. My primary physicians had refused to do any blood work bc she said that bw done just 3 months before was normal. But really, who balloons to such weights without eating the food to cause it, so I pretty much demanded it and low and behold, my thyroid wasnt working. Needless to say, all the Dr. has done is prescribe me some meds and send me on my merry way,but this whole weight gain has me so upset,its become an obsession, and I can no longer stand the sight of myself. I dont even want to leave the house. I joined a gym prior to my diagnosis,but was still gaining. I guess my over question is, now that I have these meds,will I stop the gaining, and will my weight start to go back to normal? I've tried to take my concerns to my Dr.,but I dont think they understand just how much its upsetting my. Thank you for listening!
Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi sandollar9878,

You will likely get more community replies but I just want to say that your post brings up an inportant point and that is you know your body better than anyone else so if you feel that you are not being helped by your doctor or your complaints are being dismissed then it's time to seek a second opinion from another health care professional.

I've pulled up this older blog entry about eye conditions but it's applicable to any medical condition where a second opinion is wanted: Second Opinions Are Welcome .

Good luck!

- Annie
shannah06 replied to Annie_WebMD_Staff's response:
I just posted a similar story before reading yours. I know exactly how you feel. I went from 170 to 230 in 6 months, while exercising and working with a nutritionist. My whole life has been turned completely upside-down. I was just saying that I don't understand why doctors seem so unwilling to help patients with this problem. I always thought that is what they were supposed to do-- help!

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