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AMC08 posted:
My 9 year old daughter was just diagnosed yesterday with Hashimoto Thyroid Disease.. I have read some on the net about this..from what I have read it happens mainly in middle aged woman..If anyone can enlighten me on this disease a little more it would be more helpful..Her thyroid is normal, her TSH is 0.01 which doc said is way low and her antibodies which should be 0 are 1110.... I cannot yet make sense of all this..thank you in advanced for any input..I do understand it is an autoimmune disease that produces antibodies that attack the thyroid and can make it not work..
amil135 responded:
hey body is attacking its own thyroid, gradually destroying it. she will likely be put on medicine to stop the thyroid's working and to make the antibodies...sort of "forget" the thyroid. the medicine will regulate the hormones the thyroid should be producing.
i would look into the mood disorders associated with the disease, as being prepared to identify these problems will be really helpful once she hits puberty.
AMC08 replied to amil135's response:
thank you very much..has for the mood disorders well we been going thru those for a couple years..had to get medicine to control concentration in school or she was going to fail..i am a firm believer in no meds but the doctor insisted in ADD/ADHD meds so she would not worked but i still dont like the fact she has a label ADHD CHILD..drives me nuts..also already had an appt set up with a really good specialist for it..all this was before we noticed her thryoid was a little big. so I am praying the thyroid issue is her behavioral issue also..

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