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Hypothyroid diagnosis in skinny boyfriend
414miranda posted:
My boyfriend Kyle age 24 recently went to the doctor for a physical and had blood work done. The doctor had called back several days later informing Kyle to come back to his office to discuss his abnormal thyroid levels. Thyroid disease is very common in his family, and we began thinking it might fit many of his symptoms, however we thought he had hyperthyroidism due to the fact that he is always hot/sweating, has frequent bowel movements, has heart palpitations, and it is very hard for him to wake up in the morning. Besides the fact of being 5'8 and weighing 118 lbs, and at one time weighing 140 lbs.

Kyle's blood work came back with his TSH levels being at 6.5, which of course is not very high. The doctor put him on a 30 day trial of synthroid and only a dosage of 25.

Is it odd that so many of the hyperthyroid symptoms can be displayed when having hypothyroidism? Or is there another underlying cause?
Unak78 responded:
Recently came about this same situation myself. I've always been very underweight. In my mid twenties I hovered around 170lbs at a height of 6'3". I've recently gone on a high calorie diet coupled with serious weight training and have managed to raise my weight to 223lbs at 20% bodyfat. However I still have severe sweating and I am always hot. I occasionally have heart palpatations and my resting heart rate is in the 70s. My systolic bp has been in the low 120s the last two times it's been taken. I'm also sluggish in the morning but that's mostly due to the diphenhydramine that I have to take in order to sleep at night.

My bloodwork recently came back and it was suggested that I was slightly hypothyroid which didn't make sense to me given my history. I'm wondering about this myself and hope that someone out there has some answers.
jwhite514 responded:
I think everybody's body is different. For example I have hypothyroidism and over the years I have found that my body does the best at a TSH level of 1 or 2 which most doctors would consider to be hyper. When I am in the accepted normal range of TSH levels I still have symptoms of being hypo. If you haven't already try getting him to go see a specialist and make sure he knows that he needs to tell the doc all of the symptoms he is experiencing.

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