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Low TSH with normal T3 and T4 but HYPOthyroid symptoms
Mikkie2876 posted:
Hello- I wanted to see if anyone else has this issue. About two years ago I started to put on weight & I gained 50lbs. My ankles are always swollen & Im tired all of the time. Little by little I started to notice weird symptoms. First, I started having eye problems. Burning, gritty & dry with excessive watering. I went to an opthamologist who suggested allergies but the problem continued for 3 months and even ended up with a tear in my cornea from dryness. Then one day it just mysteriously ended & I havent had any eye issues in over a year. My hair started coming out in clumps everytime I washed it and it has become thin and dry. I have been having dry skin with mild acne. I finally decided to see a doctor when my period started getting heavier than normal & is now lasting 7-8 days along with EXTREME PMS. I get so irritable that I feel like Im crawling out of my skin & it is not normal for me. I also started growing dark coarse hair around my areolas & on my chin and along my jaw (mild but still embarrassing). After doing a bunch of exams and blood tests (tested normal for female hormones & no PCOS) she said that she wanted to retest me because my Thyroid came back abnormal. She said my TSH was low but it didnt make sense because T4 and T3 was normal. I waited 2 weeks & was retested & when I went back she said it was even lower than before. So she sent me the same day to get an ultrasound of my thyroid done (I havent gotten the results yet) and yet more bloodwork to check my cortisol levels. Im so confused because my results would suggest hyperthyroid but there is NO WAY possible.
MarleyBarley responded:
I'm wondering what your results were. I am having very similar problems and am baffling my doctor. Is there any further results? I'm beginning to go crazy with this.
saraboyle11 replied to MarleyBarley's response:
I've been doing research on LOW TSH levels and normal FREE T3 & T4 (which is the results I just got from my doc) and I've found that in 2006 there was a study which indicated that Metformin can supress TSH levels without effecting T3 & T4 levels. Strange - but evidently true.

My doc wants to lower my meds but I'm afraid that if I do that I'll end up hypothyroid. Why change the meds if my T3 and T4 levels are normal?
jerdee7 responded:
Mikkie2876, what were your results and what is your endocrinologist doing for you? I have very similar symptoms as well and the doctor has ordered a thryroid uptake scan for me. He's set on me having hyperthroidism and baffled that my symptoms are of hypothryoidism.
MarleyBarley replied to saraboyle11's response:
Saraboyle, I'm not taking any thyroid meds as of yet so i can't respond to your ideas. But if you're not comfortable with the doctor's ideas, I'd say get a second opinion. You know your body and how you feel, and you need to make sure you feel right about your decisions. Also, are you seeing an endocrinologist or just an internist? I'm seeing an endo soon and I'll post what I hear once I've gone.
CarlAnders responded:
Thyroid signs and symptoms in females are usually more usual compared to what they have been in adult males. Hundreds of thousands of females over the planet have problems with some sort or other of thyroid gland malfunction and a lot of these individuals are badly informed that the signs tend to be thyroid associated,men experience such symptoms as: Hair Loss . It is often noted that One out of Seven persons are afflicted by some type of thyroid gland disorder. Allow us to examine exactly what the thyroid gland genuinely does and also what kind of signs continue when it's not necessarily performing in the correct way.

Whilst there are lots of health problems connected with the thyroid gland, the only two most popular are generally Hyperthyroidism along with An underactive thyroid.

Hypothyroidism can be called the under-active thyroid gland and also develops when it has an underproduction of T3 along with T3 thyroid body's hormones. Frequently it's as a result of the thyroid getting taken off as a way to take care of serious hyperthyroidism as well as many forms of cancer. Typical thyroid signs in women of all ages are usually: Fatigue, Unusual Gaining Weight, Hairloss, Absence of Libido, Dermititis, Sleeplessness, Your inability to tolerate Cold conditions.

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