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Stop taking Synthroid?
Reenwad posted:
Any harm if I stop taking my Synthroid abrubtly?

I've been on it a couple years, and while it adjusts the numbers on paper, I feel no different other than having shortness of breath, tight chest (feels like someone sitting on me), sweaty palms, etc. I've even been to the hospital thinking I was having a heart attack!

Told doc about the problems, and how I think it started when the Synthroid started. He thinks I have anxiety issues and wanted me to start taking Zoloft. I refused to take an additional pill, I don't wanna be one of those people that take a bunch of daily pills. So I said I wanted to try eliminating the Synthroid.

Or should I gradually do it? He said it would be OK to just stop, but everyone else says no.
Jessy124 responded:
Please email me if you read this post. I have been taking Synthroid 25mcg and have stabilized after 4months. I started on 75mcg but just within the past month, more so in the past week I have felt like what you explained!!! I am meeting with my doctor tomorrow but I would like to know more about your situation and how long you have been feeling like this?

Thank you,
33 years old, female
beanie_gene replied to Jessy124's response:
I stopped taking my synthroid 3 months ago just to see what the differences were. Other than tiredness, and weight gain, I don't feel any different.
An_246544 responded:
Within the past 6 months I have noticed differences from bottle to bottle with synthroid I have never noticed before. I've been on it almost 20 yrs same dose. Something recently has definitely been going on with this drug. I was fine on one bottle then the next I get a pounding pulse and heart palpitations, then the next Id be fine again and so on. I had my labs done and TSH perfect but still getting these symptoms of being hyper I guess. If i stop taking it for a couple days the pulse rate returns to normal. Something is up with this drug recently no doubt about it. I plan on switching to an alternative.

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