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Hypothyroidism Headache + Pressure
amecca85 posted:
I am a 26 year old male who has been suffering with headache/head type pressure for a year and a half. I am unsure as to what I can do. I have seen everyone I could see and I just need someone?s advice on what to do now. I have been on a bunch of different medications including several over the counter/prescribed pain relievers and none of them have any effect on my headache/head pressure.

Symptoms: Constant pressure in temples, occipitals and jaw joint which resembles sinus pressure. Difficultly concentrating. Head is in a fog. Irritable, extremely moody, lack of sex drive, difficultly remembering things, depression, anxiety, argumentative. Pressure increases during high stress/anxiety situations. Rarely have a stabbing, shooting paint on the right side of head lasting several seconds. One nostril is always stopped up unless active.

Who I've Seen: 1. Chiropractor: Said I had a cranial misalignment on right occipital. 2. Primary Care Doctor (New Hampshire): Said that I was suffering from headaches which where brought on from high blood pressure. Later found out that I do not have high blood pressure. 3. Primary Care Doctor (Louisiana): Did blood work and found that I had hypothyroidism which I am now treating and referred me to Neurologist. 4. Dentist: Had all four back wisdom teeth removed when I was told my headaches/head pressure could be caused by pressure from these teeth against the nerves. However, once healed headaches/head pressure stayed the same. 5. Message Therapist: Claimed right occipital was very tight. Also found a hard bump on right side of located below the hairline. 6. Ear Nose & Throat: Said I had a minor sinus infection but could not complete tests because uninsured. Treated with steroids and Mucinex. 7. Neurologist: Had a mind set that I was having a tension type headaches. Treated me with powerful muscle relaxers and anti-depressants that had little to no effect. Requested that I have a MRA done which came back with normal. Stop seeing him. 8. Optimoligist: Said eyes were fine according to MRI and initial tests. Pointed out I had a prominent sinuses.

Moved to New Hampshire from Louisiana in February 2008. Was working for a mold removal company and used a dry ice blaster. Then began working for a coal powered power plant for three days when the headache began. Left job at that point. In March 2008 headaches persisted for two weeks when finally decided to visit a doctor who referred me to the hospital to have tests done. Admitted to the hospital where they ran a series of tests including: MRI, EKG, Catscan, Lumbar Tap-Blood Patch, Blood work:All came back normal except the MRI which showed a small brain bleed. Was released from the hospital and told to follow up with Primary Care Doctor. Started seeing Primary Care Doctor who thought I had high blood pressure headaches and put me on blood pressure medication. Moved from the area and stopped seeing her. Moved back to Louisiana and began seeing another primary care doctor who ruled out high blood pressure and removed me from the medications. He then took more blood work and found out I have hypothyroidism which I now treat with Levothyroxine however has made no different in my head pressure/head aches. Primary care doctor referred me to a Neurologist who thought I was suffering from tension type headaches and prescribed me strong muscle relaxers and anti-depressants which had little to no effect. Requested that I have a MRA done which came back normal. After months of treatment I stopped taking all medication and discontinued seeing Neurologist. Currently looking for a new neurologist.

Recently I started the South Beach diet and noticed that during phase 1 of the diet where you eliminated bread and fruit, I started to feel better. However after the two weeks of phase one I started phase two where I started eating fruits and breads again and the head pressure came back.

Celiac's Disease does run in my family as well.
Bev94114 responded:
Have you tried eliminating gluten from your diet? I`m surprised none of your doctors have suggested that - it`s an easy way to see how you feel once you`ve removed a very common thing that people are allergic to. Just dont eat anything with gluten for a few weeks and how your head feels.

People with Celiac`s do very well taking LDN - low dose NALTREXONE (dont expect your doctor to tell you that either!) - Google it and you`ll get all the info you need.

Good luck!
Lera21358 responded:
Boy, have I worn this shirt!

When you go to your doctor have them test your Vitamin D level most do not know this but most thyroid disorders like hypothyroidism people will have a low vitamin D count. Took my doctor and I 4 years to figure this gem out.

I was getting headaches too really bad ones. The key to know if it's your thyroid is if when you wake up in the morning are the headaches there when you wake up. If they are, it is probably your thyroid the cause. If your thyroid levels are showing up fine and you still have these headaches it still can be the thyroid causing them. Are you taking your meds first thing in the morning and waiting to eat a few hours before or after?

I still get them occasionally but nothing like before and I believe they are also do to my Vitamin D deficiency. I must say I love my Primary Care doctor, for she is on top of it all. More so then any endocrinologist I have seen. She read all about thyroid and then read more and found that Vitamin D deficiency tidbit. She tested and sure enough I'm very low.

Fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, headache, nauseated, vomiting, muscle aches and over all feeling like crap are all signs of a lack of Vitamin D.

I have no idea why I have this deficiency because I go outside in our boat every sat and sun for hours then during the week I do all the yard work for 2 acres of land. I'm in the sun! My guess is our thyroid is the reason our body isn't making that "D" for us.

What my doctor gave me that worked like a gem for my migraines was RELPAX and its non-narcotic. It works within 10 min for me. Nothing else took that headache away. Mine too were in my eyes, or felt like a serious sinus infection then moved to my entire head. I felt like a sledge hammer hit my head.

Let me know how it goes but insist your doctor test your Vitamin D level, it takes about a week to get results back. Treatment depends on how low your labs are. Mine very low so I'm going to start on Monday one pill a week for two months. MEGA DOSAGE. I hear it works like a charm.
Lera21358 responded:
I forgot to add this too. I also was on Levothyroxine and still many headaches, doctor decided to try Levoxyl instead. and that cut my headaches down by 3/4ths. Levothyroixine is the generic form. You might want to ask to change to a different brand also.

How did we figure out vitamin D to test?

I was so tired of still feeling sick, tired, hair, nails, you name it but my thyroid labs said I'm on the right dosage. I started to drink one ENSURE drink a day. After the 4th day I was a new person. I happened to have a doctors appointment that day I was feeling good. She saw me the second she walked in and said "You look wonderful" I told her what I was doing...that is when she thought to test the "D".

BINGO and I hope I saved you years of frustration and saving your doctor time.
vegan03 responded:
funny i have been feeling quite sick the last couple of weeks, constant headache, fatigue, brain fog, bit of nausea here and there, etc. i had looked through the website trying to figure out if it was a deficiency causing it and vitamin d did come up in my search. i never would have thought to make the connection to my thyroid, i will have to pick up some vit d supplements and see if it helps. i don't have a doctor (shortage in our area) and would rather not sit in the clinic all day if i don't have to so i'll try that first and if it doesn't work i will hit the clinic and ask them to check my levels. thanks for the info!
thedeal replied to Lera21358's response:
I think i might have thyroid problems. My body feels like it is burning up all the time. It feels like heat is radiating from my head and neck. My hands are very cold. And there is pressure in my head, like a swoosh. I allso cant be around heat sources as my head and neck feel real hot. Any ideas?
thedeal replied to Lera21358's response:
I think i might have thyroid problems. My body feels like it is burning up all the time. It feels like heat is radiating from my head and neck. My hands are very cold. And there is pressure in my head, like a swoosh. I allso cant be around heat sources as my head and neck feel real hot. Any ideas?
leopardycat responded:
amecca85 Could you please update and let us know if you ever pinpointed the cause of your misery? I too think it sounds like something is wrong with your thyroid. I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I had your exact symptoms. If you do have something wrong with your thyroid please read this:
tomcat8994 responded:
Please tell me youve made improvement? I am currently 18 and have had this pressure in the back of my head, temples, jaw, and upper next for over a 1 year now. It has ruined my life. I have the EXACT same problem. I have been to many doctors and none of them have solved the problem and I have been diagnosed with many different things. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease treated for about half a year no change. I have been to probably 10 different doctors and all of them were clueless and just gave me different types of pain medication. Ive went to one Neurologist and he told me that I have something called New Daily Persistent Headache. This fits the description of my symptoms but sais that there isnt a cure. I went to another doctor and he told me that I have thyroid problems, specifially hypothyroid.
lacima replied to tomcat8994's response:
You guys are still suffering from Hypothyroidism probably. You will be amazed at how bad the treatment is. Please look into Natural Dessicated Thyroid and read all about it at Stop The Thyroid Madnedss. I'm sure tha'ts the answer to the first posters problems. Synthetic thyroid hormone replacement like Synthroid only contains T4, that's why. Look into it please, it will change your life. You need to find a doctor with an open mind that knows what he's doing. But it is up to you to educate him, or find another one who is willing to help you, not make you sicker.
pierresmom replied to lacima's response:
This is my first time on this site. I have been treated for hypothyroidism for years. I have headaches, especially in the mornings when I wake up. Sometimes I get a shooting pain thru my eye and sometimes just feels like a tight band around my head. My thyroid results are normal AND I take Vit D3 5000 mg daily, Thank you lacima for posting this web site, I am going on the site now.

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