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So Confused
An_242562 posted:
Hi to everyone out there. I have finally decided to put my symptoms out here. I have been feeling like junk for about 2 years, worse the past 6 months. I was told years ago I have IBS (in addition to my already lactose intolerance)I randomly get a tachy heart rate, nervousness, feel SOB. Now this happens mostly (like 75%) of the time about 1 hour after eating. I was checked out in Nov and found to have a low TSH, but normal T3 and T4. So I was told I have hyperthyroidism and put on some meds. I was also advised that more than likely the IBS symptoms are from the high metabolism. I followed up with and internal med doc and he said I was miss diagnosed and said I do not have hyperthyroidism. He reccommneded a radioactive thyroid uptake scan to rule out the thyroid. Now last week I had the thyroid uptake scan (the 6 hour) and the rate was elevated at 19.5% (normal is 3-16%) According to all the endocriniology websites this can indicate hyperthyroidism, but the internal med doc says it is fine. I am off all the meds (per having the scan) and am having the same symptoms. The only foods which do not bother me as much are high protein foods....pretty much eating eggs and water for the past 2 months. I asked about a wheat allergy, soy allergy, etc. but am getting nowhere. So....after that rather long explanation I am wondering can a person have a low TSH, elevated iodine uptake rate and have hyperthyroidism? Any other ideas would be welcome to explore!!!! Sick of feeling sick!
pugeebunnie responded:
I've been researching online trying to learn more about hyper- and hpothyroidism myself, so I don't know much about your specific condition, per se. However, the information I've found suggests that everyone's "normal" different. Therefore, even if the doctor says the scan was fine, that's by his or her standards, not necessarily your body's. In other words, he/she may believe that you don't need treatment for hyperthyroidism when in fact you do, because at such an uptake rate, you're clearly symptomatic. I would bring this concern up with your doctor. If he/she doesn't take you seriously, I would get a second opinion. Ho
pugeebunnie replied to pugeebunnie's response:
...whoops, typo: "Hope this helps."

amt2009 responded:
I have the exact same issues except I have had hypodthyroidism for a few years now. Since my daughter was born almost 3 years ago I have had really bad GI problems. It seems like my stomache is very sensative to most foods expecially if I have sugar and dairy in the same day. I went to the doctor and he told me that I was "probably" lactose intolerant. I have been very worried that I have some serious illness dealing with my digestive system but because I do not have insurance I cannot see a specialist. I believe that it is very possible that you have a thyroid issue even if your results come out normal. When I was pregnant my thryoid tests came out normal but when my daughter was born my levels skyrocketed. So your not alone.

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