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RAI side effects - loss of taste
just want to put this out there for anyone facing RAI and wondering what kinda things could go wrong that the doctors will not tell you about.

You can loose your sense of taste is one thing.

Radiation fried my tongue and I lost my sense of taste 3 days after the RAI.

Endo: it will probably come back.

well now lets see that was nearly 4 years ago, Don't think its coming back.

It happens people be aware of it. Sad as I am not to be able to taste food (its a freaking really annoying thing you know!) I feel bad for the professional chef on another thyroid board I haunt who lost her taste.,,,and her lively hood.

If you are considering RAI and there is no urgent need to do it right then and there - for goodness sakes take time to go to as many message boards as you can and ask ask ask! for peoples experiences. Endo's like to pass it off as nothing major. Well it is, you are swallowing radiation with the intent to kill off a major organ in your body.

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