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Newly-diagnosed hypo with questions
An_243406 posted:
Hello, three weeks ago I was diagnosed as Hashimoto hypothyroid and seeking a source of extra help. I don't want to fall into the trap of dismissing something important - I tend to do this out of some idea that I should be tough or something.

My Dr. went through my blood results very fast and my mom, also hypo, said I should ask for a printout. What I did notice was that I was to the left of the "less than" arrow on something (<.25) where the normal range started at 1.5 or something. So, my thyroid is scary low and I'm on levothyroxine.

My doctor started me at 50 micrograms and my mom is on .1 milligrams which is about double - and she is about half my weight.
Is it customary for them to ramp you up? She didn't even have symptoms when she got on it and I however have experienced every single one.

I finally got my period back a week after starting meds, which I have been on for almost 3 weeks now. I am feeling periods of more mental alertness/energy but still a lot of achey-ness (way better, but still there) and fatigue (I still sleep a lot).

Here are my questions:
1 - How long will it take to get things in balance?
2 - I ordered adaptogenic cortisol herbal remedies. Will it mess anything up for me to layer those over the meds? My thyroid bloodwork was fine in early 2009, supposedly, and then dropped off. A naturopath said my cortisol levels shot around the same time.
3 - I am supposed to start cholesterol meds tomorrow, but she had me wait 3 weeks because one side effect is muscle pain. Thing is, I'm still having muscle pain, especially muscle cramps/spasms in my feet and neck. Cholesterol is part of hypo, no? I'm going to call the Dr,. but curious if anyone has seen a corresponding decrease in cholesterol after taking hypo meds.

Please advise & many thanks! Great to know this community exists.
ahhhh, no. With a tsh of (<.25) you are HYPERTHYROID....and taking more of it ( I'm on levothyroxine.) will make it even lower!

Call and get a copy of your labs. If they ask why you need it tell them "for continuing care" (docs like to charge you for stuff...and you have already paid for you labs and you are entitled to a copy)

The lower the TSH number is (or the closer to 0 it is) the more HYPER you are.

you should not be taking a thyroid supplement with a lab like that, you should be on a anti-thyroid medication. You should get that clarified. (ie did you read the lab report right)

You: Cholesterol is part of hypo, no?

high cholesterol is a common symptom of thyroid issues period.

you: 2 - I ordered adaptogenic cortisol herbal remedies.

Do not take this until you have cleared it with your doctor. Bring in the stuff with the pharmacological make up of it printed out and run it by doc. Then run it by your pharmacist. If it contains high levels of iodine don't take it at all.

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