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Hashimoto's and Hives
healing_rain1975 posted:
I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's four years ago, and am taking 75 mcg of levothyroxine daily. Over the past two weeks I have been experiencing hives on various parts of my body, mostly my hands and feet, but also at times on my face and chest. I have changed nothing in my diet, hygiene products, detergents, etc. Benadryl helps some, but not completely, and not for very long. I have read that hives can accompany autoimmune diseases. I am wondering what the mechanism is that causes this, and who else out there has experienced this and what I can do to help the problem.
Are you taking brand name or generic med? If you are on generic that could be the root cause. (due to inconsistencies in the formula among the medication producers/suppliers)
bkmom30 responded:
I have to take Zyrtec(generic) for my hives. Like you I would get hives that were not connected to anything. The doctor decided I was having this due to my Hashimoto's. They would itch and welt.

Now I don't get the itching, but I will still get red marks when I brush my face lightly with my fingers. There are times I adjust my necklace and people look at me horrified thinking I am cutting my own neck lol.
janfree responded:
I was diagnosied with graves 36 years ago and after two years on PTU medicine (prpothyroidicle) I developed hives with similar results and not knowing what caused it. Dr DiGeorge stopped the PTU and hives went away and I went into remission and stayed that way for 14 years before going from hyper to now hypo buy I would discuss with doctor on possibility of having an allergic reaction to med thats what happened to me even though i was on it for over 2 years before having a reaction because the medicine was in my system nothing could help the itching and the hives would come and go after monitoring me for 24 hours we discoverd they got worse after each dose

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