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Switching from Levothroid to Armour
Tzmadness posted:
Hi. My name is Teresa. I was just switched from Levothroid to Armour - FINALLY! I am not feeling like I thought I would, though, and was wondering if anyone has had this experience. I'm hoping my body just needs to get used to it. I'm waiting to get ahold of my doc. The anxiety, leg cramps, heart racing has gone away. But now I have a general feeling of not feeling well. I'm really tired, I have a headache and I'm sad.... I looked at the conversion online and it says it's right on. I have been dealing with this for 20 years and I'm so frustrated. I'm 44 and thought I had just gotten the magic pill. I was on Armour before until it was switched to Levothroid. I did very well on Armour and horribile on Levothroid. That's why I'm so confused. I've been off Armour for many years now. Do I just need to hold out? Anyone been though this switch that can shed any light. I can't find anything online about it except that they felt terrific right off the bat.... Thanks for any post.
Demystifyingthethryoid responded:
Hi Teresa, sometimes it takes a while for the body to adjust. With the Levo, you were only getting treated for the T4. Now you are getting a dose of T4, T3, and some bonus cofactors. Generally, most docs should check in with you after a few weeks. You will need to have repeat blood work with TSH, Free T3, and Free T4 to see where you are as well as how you are feeling. It is confusing if your doc relies too heavily on the lab numbers, especially the TSH test. I would suggest you hang in for a little longer so you can get repeat labs. The doc should adjust from there. Alternatively, there are other forms of thyroid other than Armour which was reformulated a few years ago - some people don't react will with the binders/fillers in them. Check that out online as well - if that is the case, you may want to switch to Naturethroid.

Hope this helps.

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