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Thyroid Levels
nierman4226 posted:
I had my thyroid removed in 2011. I just had my levels checked yesterday and they are very low. Instead of raising my Levoxyl my doctor wants to lower it from .137mcg to .112mcg. I cannot understand why, if my values are low, she wants to decrease the medication level? Can anyone expain this to me?l
victoria47803 responded:
My Dr. recently raised my Synthroid dosage from .88mcg to .100mcg to lower my levels. I don't understand how it works but lowering your dosage will raise your levels.
tmkplay responded:
There are several levels that are tested, TSH, T3 & T4. If you are only going to a family dr and not an endocrinologist they may only check the TSH, this hormone increases to tell your thyroid to produce more T3/T4. Higher TSH levels mean that your thyroid is low and your medicine dosage should be increased. Low TSH levels mean that you have enough or too much T3/T4.
I hope this helps, you can always ask the Dr to tell you the actual level of each hormone and look up the results.

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