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graves to hypo
Michele00038 posted:
I had graves, then rai and it has been two years and they still cant get my levels correct. I went from 88 to 100 to 112 to 137. 112 i was still hypo and 137 my levels were good but i was shaking, nervous and had a throbbing headache, so now i am going to try 125 and see if i stay within the levels and not have any symptoms. Also my eyes are still puffy, this hasn't gone away. It is so frustrating.
I hear you. So sorry your having to ride the dose-o-coaster.

Some people have had luck with alternating doses. Like ____mcg on mon-wed-fri and _____mcg on the other days.

Wouldn't hurt to ask Endo if that is a viable option.
Michele00038 replied to DOGDANCING_TCOS's response:
was doing that for a bit with 88 and 100. it seems like i adjust do well for a bit and then my body says hhmmm, i want to throw everything off, uurrgghh. I just love having puffy swollen skin and a rapid heart beat at the same time.

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