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Blood work question
Serindelionc posted:
I went to the doctor for my annual thyroid test and the doctor was very concerned. He told me the TSH level test came back saying my levels were so high the blood work couldn't measure them properly. Just how dangerous is this?
What did he do as far as treatment? What med were you prescribed.

Also was he saying you are high as in HYPERthyroid or hypothyroid?

HYPER - levels can go as high as 0

Hypo levels can go as low as ~900 (if I am remembering what the thyroid expert who used to post here said correctly.)

Quote from another poster: "Have you been tested for HAMA (HHA) - Human heterophilic antibodies? It causes falsely raised TSH levels. The rheumatoid RH factor is also known to interfere with TSH assays and increases the FT4 High. You might have doctor try a different Lab which might confirm the possibility of interfering substances with your first test, and to check for the presences these antibodies"

As far as dangerousness .....any extreme in thyroid levels can cause dangerous side effects.

Do you have a copy of your labs to post?

How are you feeling?

I know for me when my TSH was zero I didn't feel any different, but when my TSH got into the 100 range I was a miserable mess.
Serindelionc replied to DOGDANCING_TCOS's response:
I am Hypothyroid. I've been so since I was 8 so I know the test results can't be false. I've tested like this once before and that was when I was first diagnosed. I've been seriously tired, like needing a nap within a couple of hours of waking. I'm hardly eating and yet I've gained about 20 pounds. According to the doc, the level was so high, the test couldn't measure it and he had never gotten results back like that before.

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