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TSH 5.68
CBGB1986 posted:
Is one blood test showing TSH @ 5.68 enough to warrant 25 mcg Synthroid daily? My 20 year old daughter was complaining of fatigue so we assumed she had low iron due to poor nutritional habits. Her blood test came back normal except for the TSH. I hate for her to begin taking medication that will be required for the rest of her life if it isn't necessary. Should be wait a few weeks and test again before starting medication or is the 5.68 reason enough without trying to determine the "reason" that it is elevated, ie birth control (Ortho Evra Patch)?

I couldn't exactly find where to ask questions of medical experts so I thought perhaps current community members would have some thoughts.

Depends on the lab values each one is different. Do you have the reference ranges?

She will not be "required to take for the rest of her life"

Thyroids are funny things. They can yoyo the extremes, they can go into remission, they can be hypo for a bit them go back to normal.

Just because she has to take it now doesn't mean she will always have to take it. She could go into remission and have to stop the med sometime in the future.

5.68 is very mildly hypo. If she is having symptoms its worth it to treat for the relief of those.

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