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Underactive thyroid?
lad5144 posted:
I'm wondering if there's any chance I have a thyroid problem. There have not been any dramatic changes as of late but my whole life I have been cold, had low energy, very very dry skin and dry hair, trouble losing weight despite very healthy diet and active lifestyle, my nails have vertical ridges (not sure thats related), foggy-headedness (which im noticing now more than ever as a recent college grad starting a new 9-5 job). I feel I need to sleep more than other people just to feel normal. I can be irritable more than I would like/more than other people/without explanation. I also have a terrible memory. As of late I've also noticed decreased libido. Before I went on birth control I had abnormal periods.

I am 22, caucasian, otherwise healthy (as far as I know), and last time I gave blood the redcross put my iron at 12.6.

Many of the stories I've read of people with hypothyroidism or otherwise underactive thyroids experienced sudden changes such as weight gain. I have not had those but I have had these other symptoms for as long as I can remember. My mother is the same way. A friend of mine was tested even though she showed no symptoms because her mother and sister both had it and she was found to have it also.

I had my hormone levels tested for this once, and the doctor said they seemed normal but to come back for another test in 6 weeks.I regretfully failed to follow up. Please help! I am sick of being tired all the time and cold and constantly struggling to be focused and energetic and truly living life!!

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