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I need help Please
An_248633 posted:
I am at a loss here. Diagnosed with a non toxic goiter, labs "normal range", and had 3 FNA's to monitor a nodule. My throat swells on and off on one side where the goiter is so bad that I need to lay down and cant swallow. Mostly I have all the symptoms of Hashimoto's for 3 years and feel so abnormal. PCP says Im fine. Allergist says I have no food allergies or any for that matter. Endo says labs are fine and there must be something else causing the 11 Hashimoto symptoms I have and to deal with the goiter in my throat because he cannot detect cancer at this point. My mom and cousin have Graves and my other cousin has Hashimotos and other cousin thyroid cancer. Are the doctors correct and its all in my head?? What else can I do? IS anyone else having this same problem with their Endo?
bobby75703 responded:
I was in the same or similar boat. Normal labs, two painful nodules and a throat that hurts.

Had two FNA's and both tested negative for cancer. Still struggling. Saw about 12 doctors. They ALL missed the real diagnoses.

Denied surgery multiple times over 2 years. Finally I begged a surgeon to do a thyroidectomy. She agreed. I had 100% resolution of pain, and the pathology report showed it was cancer.

As one doctor said "You don't know for sure what "it" is until you are holding it in your hands." Wise words.

A pathologist friend of mine said " FNA's are almost worthless" In my case he was right.
bobby75703 responded:
My case history sits at UT Southwestern in Dallas Texas. This was back in 2004.
DeannaPhilly replied to bobby75703's response:
Thank you so much for answering. I am just so frustrated. I am scheduled to see an ENT in January.

Thank you.
channel replied to bobby75703's response:
I'm glad to hear you took charge of your health. I had my thyroid removed a year ago. There were nodules, a big and small one. My doctor said a biospy would not necessary be able to find if it was cancerous because of the size. So, we didn;t even go that route. Praise God it wasn't cancerous.

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