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so many symptoms and so much pain
erikaathome posted:
have hashimotos. i had 7 nodules on one side of my thyroid. all the biopsies were inconclusive so they operated and removed half. nurses and doctors assured me that i was going to feel soooo much better! i thought wow, i didn't know i was so sick. sure tired, some pain here and there, high anxiety but nothing major. started me on levoxyl after surgery. right away i felt like crap. pain all over my body. all my joints. my eyes got all weird. some days i could hardly see. some days i could. sometimes night driving was hard. instead of 2 head lights i would see 4 or 6. my head felt like a fog all the time. confused and memory loss. i kept thinking well, my levels are off. got my test back. perfect range. well. give it some time. it's been 9 months now. levels perfect. my legs hurt so bad. a strange pain that i've never felt before. like deep inside from knee to ankle. twitches in my leg muscles sometimes. big ones. charlie horses. sore spots. on spine and wrists. like sore to the touch. shoulders hurt all the time. mood swings that i never had before. from anger to crying. not all the time, just out of the blue. my pain is a few months on and then a few months off. i went through a tragic death and alot of fall out. no pain through that so i know it's not stress related. so tired sometimes i feel like i can't make it. i work full time and then some but don't how much longer i can make it. i have seen some things linking hashimotos to fibromyalgia but my doctor scoffs. i don't take any perscriptions for pain. hell i'm afraid to ask! does anybody else know what i'm talking about? feeling pretty alone over here.but hangin in there.
bobby75703 responded:
Do you take any other prescriptions other than your thyroid medicine?
erikaathome replied to bobby75703's response:
no i sure don't. i don't even take birth control pills. i take ibuprofen and aleeve, but not everyday. i have klonopin for anxiety but i get 30 and they last me about 4 months because i really hate them:) they make me more tired. thats it. i've just been so shocked that my health took a downward spiral after my surgery and starting my levoxyl. i watched a mystery diagnosis show where the girl was said to be fine once she was diagnosed with hashimotos EXCEPT for some leg pain she was still struggling with. i know that pain! the legs are the most troublesome but i have pain other places. not the same kind of pain as my legs. i drink on occasion, wine. never more than two. and i do smoke. working on that though since it's the one thing that may be making it worse that i can control.
DOGDANCING_TCOS replied to erikaathome's response:
ask to have B12 and vitamin D levels drawn.

The leg pain is a common thyoid complaint....don't listen to the doctors when they say its not.

Try Magnesium for the leg pain, worked wonders for me, no more leg pain. Have been getting b12 injections for the last two months and for the first time since having thyroid radiated 4 years ago I have ENERGY!! no more chronic fatigue! Its so nice after 4 years of dragging myself through the day to be able to get up and function.

There are answers out there. Keep trying.

Peace be the journey


(graves - RAI 2008 - levoxyl )
Lera21358 responded:
I'm not doctor but I have a few suggestions for you to ask your ddoctor to look into and also you to read up on.

Now most general practicioners will scoff at this but I can tell you it is real. Adrenal Fatigue!

I have a small mass on my right adrenal that tested negitive however I'm still have symptoms of cushing syndrom but yet all the doctors tell me this mass would not cause any symptoms. I call BS on that, for I know my body. I was tested left and right for everything and since I had half my thyroid taken out back in 2002 I've had nothing but problems. I have been just told and this happened quickly within the last year that my I have osteoarthritis very bad in my hip and spin. This wasn't the case a year ago when I had my bone density scan why now? I have gone down hill fast.

So if it isn't your adrenal or adrenal fatigue then I'm wondering if you were put on Levothyroixine and did you have that script filled at WalMart?

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